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He now runs CentOS which is a version of Linux not known to be the most up to date and compatible with systems such as Mac and bleeding edge flagship devices, but I was able to use the keyboard in a plug and play manner linux does not automatically install drivers for newly discovered devices. This is not however for the inexperienced. Please reply. I came here seeking help for my Razer Anansi keyboard on a Mac.

The multimedia function keys works flawless without any third part tools.

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Hi, i bought a pc blackwidow by mistake to a mac. First i was disappointed but then i installed synapse 2. Every thing worked perfectly 1 day… But then I shut the computer off. Am using the PC version on a mac right now. Has anyone else on a mac had issues with keys repeating when pressed?

Yeah dude I had the exact same problem, then it went away for a day.

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In my ignorance I decided to try to reinstall Synapse2. Now whenever I plug the keyboard into the iMac random characters stream out of it. Thanks for the great and useful article! And apart from that, it does not work reliably either: Does anybody have another hint on how to get this working with the Black Widow PC version? I would really like to keep the keyboard but having to attach my Mac aluminum keyboard just to enter Target Display Mode seems stupid. I have the same problem! Is there any way to use M keys without installing synapse? I installed synapse but its a total mess: I just want to run favorite 5 apps with 5 M keys.

I just bought razer blackwidow , standart edition for pc, without illuminating. My macro on the fly recording does not wanted to work, so I decided to install razer synapse 2. Try to remap f9 to f12 and then back to f9 etc. Hope it will help someone. When I do the OTF Macro recording key command, the light illuminates and blinks, then shuts off automatically after only a second or so. Is it possible to make the right CMD key into the Option key? I use French multilingual in Canada and it helps to perform the forward slash and others. Currently, the option seems mapped to the key next to FN on the keyboard.

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Can anyone tell me how to do on the fly macro setting for the m1-m5 keys on the razor black widow. Is this possible? Thanks for the help, but I still have a problem: Hi, my macro buttons dosent work anymore, and im not sure why? Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?.

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Thanks in advance. While booting it should be the Windows-Key. Best is to try again, push the windows-key down directly after the boot chime and hold it until the boot device menu appears. All the changes in private. As workaround I would try using another keyboard, probably an old apple keyboard. Thanks for trying! I do plug in the mac keyboard only to boot into windows… ;- thanks again for everything.

Hey thx a lot for this guide. It helped a lot. Can I use this keyboard on my duel boot custom pc?

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Can I use it to switch between my softwares? If you mean booting windows via boot camp and mac os x: Yes, you can use it without problems. Ah I see.. No real idea: You could only have problems with the special keys. Hey buddy, this seemed to work ok, but I decided to remove the drivers and return to the stock keyboard layout because I use the stand F5, F6, F7 and F8 keys constantly when using Reason. However, now none of these F keys work like they used to prior to installing the drivers. Do you know where the drivers are located so they can be removed? There appeared to be no official uninstaller for the drivers, so I just sent the razer utility to the trash, but the keyboard F keys are still broken….

Actually just worked it out — you HAVE to use the uninstaller located under utilities. Ran it and everything is as if the driver download never happened.

Razer BlackWidow keyboard with Mac OS X

Thank you for posting this, a friend of mine got me the PC Edition on accident. I could go through the hassle of returning it to get the Mac Edition or I could just use this as is for the time being. I intend on getting a Gaming PC built in the near future anyways. Have i installed the keyboards twice? Sun KeyboardNote: When using [Ctrl] combinations, press and release the [Ctrl] key, then press and releasethe activation key. Mac KeyboardNote: When using key combinations, press and release the first key, then press and releasethe second key. Indicadores LED de los puertos2.

Cables KVM3. Antes de empezar, apague todos los dispositivos que vaya a conectar. F2Establece el interfaz de teclado Mac compatible. F3Establece el interfaz de teclado Sun compatible. Teclado MacNota: Page 7 Mac KeyboardNote: Page 15 Teclado MacNota: Don't see a manual you are looking for? Tell us what's missing. Tell us about it. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Oh no!

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