Best vegan mac and cheese with cashews

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It was definitely compatible with the original mac and cheese and I knew it would be a new favorite in our house. The first part that I was skeptical about was the cheese flavor. To create the intense cheesy flavor, they used nutritional yeast. This was not news to me. Come to find out, when you mix it with a whopping 4 teaspoons of dry mustard, some tomato paste, garlic, and salt, it tastes pretty cheesy. The second part I was skeptical about was the creamy part.

To mimic what the butter-flour-milk combination does, they mixed almond milk, cauliflower florets and raw cashews. Once all the ingredients were cooked, they blended everything in a blender, which turned into a creamy sauce. Initially it was not thick, but after cooking it for a few minutes it did thicken up to create the creamy sauce that I was accustomed to seeing in the original mac and cheese recipe.

The mac part of the recipe is the same. You just cook some pasta until it is al-dente and add it in the sauce. The original recipe suggests using regular elbow macaroni. However, I have tried the same recipe with brown rice pasta as well and it was just as good. If you are observing a gluten-free diet, feel free to use that instead.

I topped it off with some lightly toasted panko breadcrumbs to give it a little bit of a crust. I also sprinkled it with some Italian parsley to give it a fresh taste.

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Though both are optional. In the end, both Dwight and I thought that this vegan mac and cheese was a winner. It did fulfill our cravings and offered us a much healthier way of enjoying one of our favorite dishes. So if you want to try something new and surprise your family with this healthier mac and cheese, give this recipe try. It will not disappoint. To get a chance to win, leave a comment below letting me know if you have ever tried your hand cooking vegan recipes and how have your experience been.

Good luck friends! The giveaway is closed now. Winners are Penni and Kristin. Thank you! This vegan Mac and Cheese recipe is a healthier version of our favorite food made with cauliflower, almond milk, nutritional yeast, and cashews. This recipe is adapted with minor changes from Vegan for Everybody. Sign up to get your free page e-book of wholesome vegetarian salad recipes and receive weekly updates and goodies from me.

Check your email for your free e-book! As always, your styling and photos are diviiiiine. It is my favorite thing to eat lately. It is hard to believe that it is vegan. Those folks over at ATK are geniuses. That is so nice to hear Benny. Thank you. Make sure to enter the giveaway.

This book is awesome! Alright, alright. Ha ha..

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All the best of luck and thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you guys are settling in nicely in your new home. Hey Daniele, Vegan cooking is new to me too, but it is so much fun. This book has so much useful information for beginners and it has been really interesting to different ways of cooking with everyday ingredients.

I hope you guys are doing well. Much love and hugs to you and Mark from Vermont. Oh my goodness, this look insanely delicious! Good for you. I do not if I could do it. After eating this mac and cheese, my husband asked that I cook more vegan food. I am cooking different recipe from the book every week and so far he is happy. Though I am not sure if I could do it forever.. Thank you for stopping by my friend. I have tried cooking vegan dishes and it always leaves me feeling so light but at the same time I feel full.

All the veggies always get me back on my feet! I have broccoli feta soup in my fridge now — love it so much! Thank you Aysegul! Thank you Svetlana! It is so nice to hear that you liked my website. I too cook more vegan dishes when I feel under the weather. Eating more veggies and fruits always make me feel better.

All the best of luck!

Amazing Vegan Mac and Cheese

I love trying vegan recipes even though I could never do it full time. One of my favorites is a butternut squash and lentil curry. Ohh I love butternut squash and lentil curry. Have you seen this recipe? Thank you for stopping by Abby. I tried my hand at vegan for a few years and i found that i learned so much amount cooking during that time. I would soak those cashews though for better digestion. The texture of the sauce was spot on, super thick and creamy right out of the vitamix blender. Hi Jill, You are right, you do not need to soak the cashews because you cook them.

I also know what you mean with coconut oil. Thank you so much for letting us know. Good luck! It is my weekly project to do at least three main meals vegan as I learn how to keep my blood sugar tests in a good range with the change of food choices. Slowly I am obtaining recipes that work with how my body operates and I am successful in adding new dishes throughout each day that are vegan. This recipe contains a few items I have not included and tested, but it reads to be delicious and I will definitely try it.

So impressive. I have to challenge myself to do so.

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  • Thank you for stopping by! I cook and bake vegan most of the time. My blog is hbcooks. I call it a food blog for academics. Hey Hannah!

    The Best Vegan Mac and Cheese

    How fun. I do love eggs as well, but found that flax eggs make a good substitute for baking. Though I have to say, it failed me a couple of times. I will check out your blog. Gonna make a point to try this recipe, for sure, though! It looks and sounds delicious! Vegan for 6 years, vegetarian before. I love taking recipes and converting them. Definitely going to try this mac and cheese. I am learning more and more about vegan cooking and starting to feel the health benefits.

    Thank you for your blog. Cook the pasta according to package instructions, but do not overcook.

    Easy Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe (Stovetop or Baked) - Nora Cooks

    If baking, cook 1 minute less than usual. While the pasta is cooking, add the soaked cashews, 1 cup water, lemon juice, salt, nutritional yeast, turmeric and garlic powder to a high powered blender and blend until very smooth. When the pasta is done, drain it, rinse with cold water and return it to the pot. Stir in the cheese sauce, and serve. While the pasta cooks, preheat the oven to degrees F. Lightly grease a 9 x 13 inch casserole dish.

    Creamy Vegan Cashew Mac and Cheese

    Make the breadcrumb topping by combining the breadcrumbs, earth balance and salt with a spoon or your hands. When the pasta is done cooking, drain, rinse, stir in the cheese sauce and then transfer to the casserole dish. Sprinkle the vegan cheese shreds on top if using , then the breadcrumb topping. Bake for minutes, not too long or the cheese sauce will dry out.

    Vegan Cashew Mac and Cheese

    Remove and serve! Jump to Recipe. Prep Time. Cook Time. Total Time. Main Course. Optional for Baked Mac and Cheese:. Optional Baked Mac and Cheese:. Recipe Notes.

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