Shift click doesnt work on mac

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Maxim Makarenko Jessica, did you try a different browser? Jessica Stephenson Yes, I did. Pieter Konink I'm having this issue too.

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First noticed it in Chrome, then Firefox. Persists in Firefox safe mode. Shift-click works fine. Christopher Snowden I can confirm that I am also having the same issue. I have tested this with Safari and Chrome, so the issue is not browser specific. Only occurs with this selection process in this module. Kathy Dunne I am having the same issue with selecting multiple non-adjacent dependent picklist values.

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Hiran Bhatt Hi guys! I'm so glad this thread exists. I'm having the same issue for the same module as Brad. Did anyone find a solution? If so, please share. I also tried all mutliple options. Thank you! Anapaola House Hi, Having same issue - any updates!? Carl Loeb Hi! Same problem here. Looks like this has been happening for over a year.

No love for mac users? Beverly Tyree Hi. Having the same issue. Have tried every combination. Any updates?

Larry Machin Hi I too ma having the same issue. Any Updates? Do we know how to reference a forum leader to expert to tag them for an answer? Matt McGinty Same issue my end - tried switching to classic interface but the same issue there too. Took me far too long to work that out.

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Allie Cappitelli It's a shame there's not a better solution for all us Mac users. In the meantime: Click Page Layout Assignment. Release all the keys at once, and then turn the Mac on normally. Disconnect the AC power cord and remove the battery. Press the power button, hold it for 5 seconds, and then let go.

CTRL + Click on Mac not working

Put the battery back in, reconnect the power cord, and turn the Mac on normally. From http: When I experienced this, it definitely wasn't a hardware issue, because it was still producing haptic feedback on click. Also, it would still register right-click events two fingers and force-click events. Also for the Macbook Pro, this will happen frequently when the magic mouse II and the peripheral trackpad are simultaneously connected - happens to me all of the time. Switching the mouse off returns the built-in trackpad to normal.

It just doesn't seem to like the trio of peripheral trackpad, in-built track-pad and magic mouse all connected at the same time. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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MacBook Pro clicking wont work! Ask Question. IconDaemon Gabriel Gabriel 21 1 1 2. You may want to include links to solutions you've tried.

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To be sure it's not a hardware issue, you could disable the trackpad while you have an a external mouse connected. There are instructions in this answer: It's possible this is a software or driver issue. On a MacBook Pro this can be caused by: Repairing Disk Permissions can sometimes solve input issues.

3 macOS Sierra problems (and how to solve them)

Rampant Rampant 9 The touchpad clicks and makes the sound that you say, and because it also doesnt work wirh any mouse i plug in, i dont think its a problem with thw hardware. Just had this issue trackpad on my Macbook Air wouldn't depress in the bottom left corner - this was caused by one of the battery cells swelling.

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Around the same time, my mac warned me that the battery required a service. Fixed the issue by replacing the battery with a 3rd party one from eBay - problem solved. On the built-in keyboard, press and hold the Shift Option and Control keys on the left side and then press the power button. Portable Macs with removable batteries: Press and hold the power button down for 5 seconds Put the battery back in Reconnect the power cord, and turn the Mac on normally. The above procedure worked for me.

shift click doesnt work on mac Shift click doesnt work on mac
shift click doesnt work on mac Shift click doesnt work on mac
shift click doesnt work on mac Shift click doesnt work on mac
shift click doesnt work on mac Shift click doesnt work on mac
shift click doesnt work on mac Shift click doesnt work on mac

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