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You will get three pages of results, on the second page you will find Xcode in version 3 for Snow Leopard. I registered for free as an apple developer at https: Xcode 3 requires a version of snow leopard However, do you still have your snow leopard disc?

Apple Releases Xcode 4.2 Free Development Tools For Mac OS X Lion & Snow Leopard

For what it's worth for anyone else that ends up here; the bundle linked above: Doesn't exist anymore, but there is a way to get 3. It's a shame you can't get it without IOS but for those of us stuck with snow leopard despite mavericks now being free 3. I have it there, but maybe it's because I've bought Xcode 4.

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Quick Tip : Installing Xcode on Mac OS-X 10.6.8

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How can I obtain older versions of Xcode? Ask Question. CajunLuke James Litewski James Litewski 3 11 Have tried looking for a torrent? Wouldn't that be considered illegal? I'dve thought its about as legal as your copy of OS X Have you checked? Failing that a friend could lend you their installer. When has Apple ever had torrents as an official method of distribution? I was under the impression that nowadays OS X installers come with a secondary disc which includes a copy of Xcode for that version of the OS.

My point being that if one has legally installed OS X Matthew Frederick Matthew Frederick 5, 2 19 I'm not registered as an Apple developer though.. JamesLitewski If you register for free, how do you download XCode 3? It's not there, no links to it in the dev portal.

Compatible version of XCode for mac osx 10.6.8

View this information yourname and yourgroup by running the following command in Terminal:. The user name and group appear in the third and fourth columns. Homebrew saves time since there is no need to locate packages and determine the version required for each OS X release. These are installed by running the following commands in Terminal from any directory:.

If the prerequisites that were force linked are upgraded by "brew upgrade", they must be link forced again. Homebrew has never failed in all tests but if any prerequisite fails to install it must be resolved before continuing.

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This documentation is tested with the master version to keep it as recent as possible and to provide feedback to the developers. This step creates installation files based on the operating system and installed packages. Enter the following commands each will run several minutes:. If you prefer to manually edit the modules. Some modules may have prerequisites in addition to what is listed in this procedure. This step compiles the programs and creates additional directories and files based on modules.

It can run longer than 10 minutes. There are mandatory sound prompts and optional music on hold files. All must be compiled to run the sample IVR. There are four versions available:. The cd sounds are recommended since all the sampling rates are provided resulting in fewer problems. Invoke the following command:. This optional step can be performed to save space by removing the temporary files created by make:.

To update Homebrew and its formulas run "brew update" in Terminal, this should be run prior to upgrading packages. Or delete them in Terminal OS X prompts for the administrator password:. Consider backing up modified or new configuration files you created!

snow leopard - How can I obtain older versions of Xcode? - Ask Different

Packages installed by Homebrew are listed using the "brew list" command. To reverse the show hidden files step, open the Terminal application and run each line below. All hidden files will disappear from the desktop, Finder and file dialogs.

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Mac OS Sierra Upgrading, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 To 10.12.6

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