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The machine is only about 4 weeks old, it is Mountain Lion and I understand that supports latest updates. Repair permissions did not work although there were some issues in the report - not that I understand what they meant I have saved as a different name in Excel and can only wait to find out what features and formatting will not work. Meanwhile I will have to keep the.

Thanks again. Yes the latest updates are supported for Mountain Lion with that machine. But this is referring to having the most recent version of Excel. It will run on your machine but may or may not already be installed depending upon how recently Excel was installed. I think they released a minor update within the last few weeks. The jury seems to be out on how well these steps fix the problem.

It is entirely possible that you are experiencing a bug in Excel.

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There are several permissions errors that occur regularly and can safely be ignored unless you are experiencing issues with other programs. Just out of curiosity, have you looked to see if the file is actually there, and that the error is from Excel wrongly saying it didn't save it? Tough choices. Copy and paste the contents of this file to Text Edit or another text program in case you lose it.

document not saving Excel 2011 for mac

At least then you'll be able to reconstruct it. From my own experience using Office If you encounter this error in Excel, the file is corrupted. Your macros disappear and the file cannot be saved. Unsaved data up to this point will be lost if you close the file. To avoid having this happen, update both Mac OS and Office software consistently.

Save a file in Office for Mac - Office Support

I find that when I skip a few months, the problem resurfaces. Always "test" save your file when you first open it to make sure it isn't corrupted. That way you won't lose any data when you do get the error message. If you do get a "file not saved" error, close the file and update both Mac and Office software. Retrieve an old backup copy you do have backups! Save the backup file with the new data, close and discard the corrupted file and make sure the new file has correct dates, macros and the file name matches the old corrupted file so any links to other spread sheets still work.

Save a file in Office for Mac

I know it's a pain in the butt, however it works for me, I just had to go through the routine again this morning since I got remiss in updating the OS and Office file. I got it down to a science now so that the one or two times it happens a year, I only lose about a half hour of work time Cheers! Follow up to "file not saved" error.

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  • As a follow up to my previous post, this morning I updated Excel, opened a series of different workbooks and one came back with a "file not saved" error message. So consistent updating doesn't always work. I've also found that when the file is not saved, the macros are all blown away in that file and if you continue to work with the corrupted file, the auto save function fails.

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    I continue to rely on my backups but this is becoming a serious issue that Microsoft has yet to address adequately. I noted that a temporary file briefly appeared in the destination folder when I attempted a "save as.. Using the save as. I tried.

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    I have no oddities in how my permissions are set on my drive and no naughty file names, excepting a hyphen in the root drive's name. Since I also have a hyphen in the name of my I then opened the file on my 3rd machine via DropBox , also running With no apparent problems, I ruled out a The problem persisted, so I focused my attention on items outside my own home folder.

    I also noted these additional odd behaviors on the troublesome system: How to completely remove Office for Mac I skipped any steps that involved removing items that resided in my user home folder, or made reference to removing licensing components. I then reinstalled Office from my original media and manually applied updates to the latest version vs.

    Documents Won't Open: FIX (Mac)

    Finally, I launched Excel, answered the initial setup questions, and opened my shiny project dashboard file. Fingers-crossed, I hit "Save.

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    Opening the VBA interface works now too, and the workbook no longer complains about macros not being enabled. It was originally I have to wonder if this "avoid the effort of a clean install" process broke or lost an Office component along the way. Alternatively, perhaps by not installing Office within Whatever, it works now. Skip to main content. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. I have Excel for mac and I am getting an error message when I try to save "Document not saved". How can I fix this? Is there a patch or something I can download? This thread is locked.

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