Bouml 4.23 mac os x

To don't disturb old class diagrams, when a class has this setting set to no this setting is forced to no at diagram level. To don't disturb old other diagrams, this setting is forced to no for them. The getter and setter operations was updated each time the edition of the corresponding attribute or relation was confirmed. By default their are not frozen to be compatible with previous releases.

By default the argument is still given by value to be compatible with previous releases. In the previous releases the generation directories specified in the generation settings was to be absolute. It is now possible to enter relative paths, relative to the project path. MacOS X for intel: To manage relative path in the generation settings. It was not possible to add generalization or dependency in a package through a plug-out , fixed.

To use the buttons or before loading a projet crash Bouml, fixed. Allows to import an XMI 2. This plug-out is configured by default in the new projects. The name of the executable to add it to the plug-outs list of the existing projects is ixmi2. Error messages are written in red. Modify the generation of a trigger associated to an activity accept event action.

Modify the generation of a signal associated to an activity send signal action and activity broadcast signal action. The transition's name was not generated, fixed. The name of a directory containing a project must be equal to the project's name. Produces a dedicated message when you try to open a project whose doesn't follow this rule. Add an historic of the selected elements in the browser , navigation is done through the buttons and. Modify the generation of the default value of a formal parameter 2.

Management of deleted but still referenced objects was not always done when a project was loaded and may produced a crash , fixed. Now you are able to choose where the include must be generated, and the default is now in the source file. Of course the already existing dependencies continue tu produce the include in the header file while you don't modify them.

In the previous releases when a class A was duplicated to the class B only the constructor and destructor operations was renamed to use B rather than A. Improvement in the computing of the type dependency used to generate declaration and include.


Complete fixing of operation parameter default value previous fixing work only for inline operations defined inside their class. To produce XMI 2. The name of the executable to add it to the plug-outs list of the existing projects is gxmi2. You must upgrade the plug-outs accessing to the activity elements. This tool helps several persons to work on the same project when they don't access to the same shared project files, in case each user has his own copy of these files and works only on this copy.

The tool automatizes the copy of the right files from an image of the project into an other one using the revision numbers. The project files are not merged, a given project file is supposed not modified by several users, for instance thanks to the use of project control. Because the tool use the revision, it is not possible to use it to synchronize projects modified by the previous releases of Bouml. Warning, if all the previous conditions are not followed, the tool must not be used, else the result is hazardeous.

Refer to the documentation , the chapter multi users considerations is also updated. When you are the owner of a package see Project control and you add to it a new sub-package, Bouml proposes you to be the owner of this new sub-package. A project under the control or Project control or Project synchro is opened in read-only mode by Bouml a message warns you.

This tool helps several persons to work on the same project by choosing who is able to modify a given package and its elements.

Code Generation and Reverse Engineering

Project control is usefull when you don't use a file control to modify the write permission of the project files. Please, refer to the documentation. This means that when you add a member, it was visible. Now the dialog allows you to choose to set the visible or hidden members list. It is now possible to add separators in the fragments. Modify the shortcut dialog to take into account the Mac specificities: In the previous releases, the trace sub window is shown and raise each time something is added by a plug-out by calling UmlCom:: Now this is not mandatory, and two UmlCom static operations are added: Plug-out empty Upgraded to add new UmlCom operations.

Now, by default the key Suppr has no effect in the browser , to delete an element hit Control-d. The following shortcuts are removed: Control-n new project , hit Alt-p then n Control-o open project , hit Alt-p then o Control-w close project , hit Alt-p then w Control-q quit , hit Alt-p then q Control-t show trace window , hit Alt-t then t The entry Edit shortcuts in the menu Miscellaneous allows to edit the shortcuts. A shortcut applies on the selected element in the browser or the elements in the the diagram sub-windows. The shortcuts allow to execute a command available through a menu like New operation or to run a plug-out for that you must enter the display string associated to the plug-out in the second tab of the shortcut editor.

The commands are similar to the menu entries, edits the shortcuts to see them. The shortucuts are saved in the file. Now, when you add an attribute or operation in a class through the browser, the added element is edited. In a message dialog called from a sequence diagram or a collaboration diagram the label 'message: Allows to do global modification of the artifact, classes, operations, attributes and relations definitions, working recursively from the browser element on which it is applied.

May be used to propagate a change done on the generation settings to the already existing elements. See Global change. This plug-out is automatically configured on the new project, to use it in your already existing project: This bug introduced in release 2. Adds new colors. The first time you generate the code with the toggle set, because the delimiters are not yet present in the generated code, the operations's body will be updated depending on their definition under BOUML.

After, while the toggle is set and the delimiters present, the bodies will not change, allowing you to modify them out of BOUML. In case the file containing a body definition is not consistent with the artifact under BOUML, the body will be regenerated by the code generation, using its definition under the model. When you import a project, the body of the imported operations must be the right one in the imported model.

The preserved bodies of the imported operations will not be find because the identifier of an operation used to mark its body changes during the import. The bodies under the model are not updated by the code generation a new plug-out must be made for that. The only modification you can do in the lines containing the delimiters is the indent.

The toggle is saved in the file associated to the project, be sure the save is done when you change this toggle! Rename if needed the name of the setter operation's parameter when the associated attribute or relation role is renammed. The position of the required or provided interface 's name in a component diagram was not saved, resetting their position when a diagram is reopen, fixed.

Modify the tools dialog to allow to attach a plug-out on any browser element.

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It is now not possible to draw two times the same activity, activity node or region in an activity diagram but the already existing diagrams are not modified , warning: Now two activity object nodes may have the same name in the browser because an activity object nodes is in fact a use of an activity object where you are able to specify its state. Improve the computation of the initial size of a dialog. Force modal dialogs to be upper to solve problem under MacOS X.

A bouml. Plug-out empty Upgraded to manage activities. Upgraded to manage activities. Sort 1. To avoid a conflict the operation weight is renamed orderWeight. It was not possible to empty a non empty message in a sequence diagram, fixed. Now when you add a new text in a diagram through the button text the text is immediatly edited, and the text is resized depending on your input. The resize is not done after the next editions, and the text element is deleted if it becomes empty.

Activities are allowed in class views , like for the states the activity diagrams are under the activities. In the previous releases a transition trigger, guard and activity was not shown in a state diagram while the transition had a name. The new drawing setting named show transition definition valuing false by default allows to choose between the name and the definition. The default call of the HTML generator to generate a flat definition was ghtml - flat rather than ghtml -flat ie had an extra space between the the minus and flat , fixed.

When the class of a class instance is specified the menu of the class instance in a diagram for instance a sequence diagram has the entry select class in browser When the message in a sequence diagram is an operation the menu of the message has the entry select operation in browser It is now possible to have a dependency between a class and a package , in both directions. A package may now depend on a component or an artifact the reverse dependencies was already possible.

In an attribute dialog the label type: Plug-out API Warning: Manage UmlNcRelation in classes. Indicate the dependencies State machine generator 1. The behaviors doActivity, entry and exit may now access to the state machine through the variable stm. Add subject drawn as a rectangle in the use case diagrams. A package may be drawn in a collaboration diagram.

If its value is not a known character set's name, a dialog appears when you start BOUML giving the available names. Examples the list depends on the release of Qt: The specified encoding is followed in the project's files and for the exchanges with the plug-out , this means for instance that Cyrillic characters may be used in the comments and are generated unchanged by the code generators. Use case wizard 1. These arguments are given after the plug-out specification and before the optional -exit whose must be the last parameter of BOUML if present. For instance: Now when you create a new project by default the two ways are set in the Tools settings , you may modify the settings of the old projects to add this option.

Accept the following arguments in order: Generalize the management in the diagrams of the self-relations from the classes to the packages, components etc To follows the norme: The computing of the size of a class in a class diagram is unchanged space taken by a hidden separator is still present to not deteriorate the vertical alignments of the classes in your already existing diagrams. If necessary the full path of the plug-out have to be done, warning: By default the shadows are shown, if you don't like shadows set the drawing settings on the project level as usual to globaly specify your choice.

In a class diagram the class associations are now automatically shown using an anchor between the relation and the associated class, except if the drawing setting draw all classes relation is set to no. Drawing an anchor between a relation and a class now updates the class association.

Deleting the anchor doesn't remove the class association from the model, for that you must edit the relation. An actor is now drawn with its icon in a sequence diagram. Add a shadow to some elements in the diagrams. When the class is undefined or is not known as a generic because of the current environment the actuals have to be set directly the relation's definition as I said in the historic of the release 2.

Follows the new API Plug-out upgrade 1.

How to Install Eclipse IDE on Mac OS X

Plug-out empty Upgraded by Plug-out upgrade Sort To avoid a conflict under Linux, the executable is renamed from sort to browsersort. This plug-out automatizes the creation of the artifact for all the classes of the class view on which the plug-out ins applied: If the class view doesn't have an associated deployment view , an associated deployment view having the name of the class view is created in the same package. An artifact with the stereotype source is created and associated to all the classes of the class view without associated artifact , the name of the artifact is the name of the class.

This allows to get all the elements of the diagram more easily. The plug-out operation UmlBaseDiagram:: Now the optimal scale is replaced by an optimal window size. When the saved diagram is already opened, the current scale is unchanged and an optimal window size is done even if the diagram has a preferred size and scale. This impacts the behavior of the plug-out Html documentation Generator Note: Fixed 2.

Add the possibility to set the geometry of the lines in the diagram except for the messages in a sequence diagram to have a right angle or or a crank or. While you do not change by hand the position of the central line of a crank the geometry is preserved when you move one of the extremity of the crank, else the central line stop to be automatically moved. Change the way to specify a generalisation or realization. In the previous releases these relations are generated when they are specified as Generated through the button Generated in or by default thanks to the toggle default definition in the menu Miscellaneous.

Add the management of the class associations. Manage class associations Add the landscape formats corresponding to the already existing formats of diagram. From now the classes defined in the same header file will be associated to the same artifact named like the reversed file. Of course this is possible only if all the classes are in the same namespace or are not in a namespace, else one artifact per namespace will be created in different packages. The classes defined in a source file rather than a header file are associated to an artifact having the name of the class. Note that if the classes A and B are reverse from the file C.

To manage the new definition of the generalisation and realization. To manage the class associations. To use the new features on an existing plug-out , because of the renamings explain below, you must upgrade the plug-out before modifying your sources to call new operations.

In case the upgrade is done: Some operations of the class JavaSettings are renamed: The Internal API base enums items corresponding to the corresponding commands and the attributes memorizing the corresponding java settings are also renamed. Fixe bugs in the computing of minimum size or the resizeable diagram elements package, node etc The drawing settings show packages name in tab was not always correctly managed, fixed. Management of the Java JDK 5 generics. The tab Parametrized of the class dialog is modified.

In Java only the columns name and optionaly extends are used. New font management helping Qt to use a font corresponding to the scale. Adds new colors including white. In the annotation dialog indicates the member's name when you add an annotation having at least two members. Adds the class stereotype interface , when you ask for the default annotation definition in Java, the default interface definition is used then ' ' is added before interface. In the dialogs the button Edit annotation is added to modify the annotations through a dedicated dialog.

The proposed annotations are the pre-defined Java annotations Deprecated, Documented, Inherit, Override, Retention, SuppressWarnings and Target more the classes having the stereotype interface , but any annotation may be enter by hand in the multi-lines editor.

Manage class's members without specified visibility Html Generator 2. The resize of a resizeable element package, note When a move is done through the keyboard arrows using the auto repeat, the complete move is saved in the historic rather than each individual move. Add a button edit in the diagram's toolbar to call the diagram's menu like with a right mouse click done out of all the elements.

Add new format of diagrams: When you move a package in a diagram, the artifact, class, component, deployment node, package and use cases defined in the package not through an other one and in collision with the package at the beginning of the move are also moved. If you want to also move the connected elements, do a very short move for instance use the keyboard arrows to do a move and its opposite then ask for select linked items and restart the move.

Other improvements File Control 1. Check if a file exists before applying the command. Two errors on a so small program, grrrrrr: The undoable operations are moving, removing from view, element adding. The menu of a class diagram shown on a right mouse click done in the diagram out of any diagram element proposes the new entry add classes of the selected class view when the selected browser element is a class view containing class es not already shown in the class diagram.

TaggedValue in the same ModelElement. Plug-out empty Fixe the profile of UmlBasePackage:: This plug-out is written to do check-in or check-out on the files of a project. Because I don't know what file control you use CVS The command is executed through the function system , don't forget to give the option -nc for clear case.

Of course in case you don't use a file control you may use this plug-out to set the file permissions using chmod in the commands under Linux etc Create a new project and look at the tool settings to have an example of configuration. Sort This is a new plug-out , allowing to re-order elements in packages , views and use cases. Must be applied on a use case. The name of the executable to add it to the plug-outs list in of the existing projects is usecasewizard.

When you duplicate an artifact the new one doesn't have associated artifacts or classes. When you duplicate a component the new one doesn't have associated classes. When you duplicate a deployment node the new one doesn't have relation. When you duplicate a package , a use case or a view the new one doesn't have relation nor sub items. When a browser item is duplicated its description is now also copied.

The new drawing setting show visibility is introduced to show or not the members visibility independently of the writting of the full definitions. When you load an old project the value of show visibility is the value of the corresponding show classes member full definition. The Package unknown is not any more created in case of problems, it is replaced by the usage of explicit types i.

Frame Alert

Generics and annotations will be added later. When you load a project made by a previous release: The classes having the stereotype enum are managed like the Java enum introduced by the JDK 5. To distinguish the attributes corresponding to the enums constants and the other attributes, the stereotype attribute is introduced, this one indicates a non enum constant. To be still compatible with the Java JDK 1. Little changes to compile under Mac OS X. Manage the new enum definition. Upgrade for the Java JDK 5 enums.

Previous releases may crash on this case of non consistency. Now when you ask for referenced by on a class, the attributes, operations and classes referencing the target class at the UML level are also given. Html Generator 2. It was necessary to click elsewhere in the table before went in another tab, fixed. For the Windows version: When a class or its members was changed, its self relations moved a little bit in the class diagrams without true reason, fixed. The stereotype of a duplicated marked browser item may not be visible even this is asked, fixed. In the previous releases an operation could not be virtual and inline at the same time, fixed.

In the sub-menu add inherited operations the abstract operations are now written in italic. In the associated dialog used when there are too many inherited operations, the abstract operations's profile has the header [a] to use italic is not possible. Change the browser class menu select associated component by the sub menu select associated components allowing to select a component provided or realizing the class when several components do that.

The API with the Plug-outs is modified, the operation associatedComponent defined on UmlBaseClass is renamed associatedComponents and now returns a vector of components. Old Plug-outs may be used with this release, in this case only one component chosen randomly is returned by associatedComponent. In the previous releases it was necessary to indent all the lines. Under Linux with a QT release 3. Partially fixed, currently return goes to another cell and doesn't insert a newline.

Set the size of the diagrams under Windows as it was already made under Linux when a session is restored. The size of the diagrams sub-windows is restored except under Windows else the program goes in an infinite loop inside Qt , not their position because this information is not available private in Qt classes. The scroolbar position is not restored in the browser even I ask for. Improve the displacement of the objects in a diagram when the scale is changed, moving their center rather than their top-left corner yes, at last!

Hide the limits of the diagram canvas when you print it When the drawing of a class is modified in a class diagram, its center is unchanged, and the line breaks of the class's self relations are moved if needed to not have them under the class picture. Before when a self relation was hidden because the class picture grew it was not easy to show it again manually.

Must be applied on a state machine.

BOUML 4.23

The name of the executable to add it to the plug-outs list in of the existing projects is stmgen. It is under development, the pseudo states fork, join, entry point, terminate, deep history, shallow history and the regions are not yet managed, nor the completion you must specify triggers. When you apply this plug-out on a state machine a class having the same name removing non legal characters is created in the same class view to implement it. This class doesn't contain static attributes and may have several instances. Each sub-state is managed through an own sub-class, the tree of the states and the associated classes is the same.

Currently the triggers can't have parameters, and a transition can't have several triggers. You must apply these operations on the instance of the class implementing the state machine to simulate the event, the returned value is true until the final state is reached. The operation starting the execution is named create the only legal trigger for a transition from an initial pseudo state.

Note that for performance purpose this check is not done for all the other files, for instance when you do a change, thus undo it, the corresponding files will be re-written. The user property is seached first in the item for which the code is generated, if not found in its parent, if not found in its grand-parent etc Doesn't generate the full definition of an initialized static const attribute only in the header file, the attribute is defined and initialized in the source file.

XMI generator 1. Memorize the filename used for the previous XMI generation to propose it by default. When a class, use case, use case view or a package is moved by drap-and-drop in the browser and may be placed in or after the destination, BOUML ask for you to choose. The class menu entries set it nested in and extract from becoming useless are removed.

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  • In an operation's parameter whose type is a class, replace UML: DataType by UML: The dependency 's client and supplier was reversed, fixed. Classes defined under a use case or a use case view are generated as actor , their operations, attributes and relations are not generated except dependencies and generalizations. Adds use cases generation. Adds component generation without UML2. Adds node generation.

    The extra member dialog forgot to set the stereotype, fixed. Actually only the UML definition of the packages, classes, attributes, relations and operations are saved in the produced file. To be compatible with existing tools, the format is xml 1. The name of the executable to add it to the plug-outs list in of the existing projects is gxmi. In a collaboration diagram, when you edit a message which doesn't correspond to an operation, this message was not included in the message list, fixed. New generation settings to specify default description for artifacts, classes, operations, attributes and relations.

    A new tab is added in the generation settings dialog to set them, by default they are empty. Add the button default to fill the description with the default value in the corresponding dialogs. This feature is under construction. Change a little the UML tab of the relation dialog to save height, and a splitter is placed between the two roles to choose their respective height.

    Do keywords substitution in the comments to be completed. Actually this one works on class to help to add contructor without parameter , destructor virtual or not , copy constructor with parameter const or not and assignment operator with parameter const or not , of course all these operations have an empty body. Furthemore now when you do it, BOUML ask you to confirm the loss of the modifications made through the sub editions not yet closed.

    When you created a dependency between two components the result was a generalization, fixed. The size of a closed dialog is saved to be re-used the next time a dialog of the same type will be opened. This allows you to choose between the two ways to produce the comments.

    This new keyword is of course managed by the reverse in case it is used in the defaults set through the generation settings.

    BOUML user manual

    It is applied through the entry plug-out upgrade of the menu Tools this entry doesn't appears while a dialog is opened or when the project is not a plug-out. This first release add the management of the states and associated features. It was not possible to drag nested classes from the browser into a sequence or collaboration or use case diagram. Now a message box is shown when the shortcut Control-s is hit or the project's menu is asked but a dialog is opened. Add the entry save visible picture part near copy visible picture part in the diagram's menu.

    This one allows to chooze a file to save the visible part of the diagram using the PNG format. These limits are taken into account only for the initial size and position of the BOUML's windows and when a dialog is opened, after that you are able to go out of these limits up to the true desktop limits.

    For the old release since the 2. Fixes in the Java definition of the empty plug-out After a cut here made on a duration bar in a sequence diagram , the color of the new duration bar was not set, fixed Add behavioral state machine. Still on going, must be done: Activity diagrams will be added too. A state machine is a state defined under a class view , by default it has the stereotype machine , these are only differences with the other states. A sub machine is a state having the stereotype submachine , this is only difference with the other states.

    Theorycally a sub machine is defined under a machine , but BOUML doesn't check the usage of the stereotypes. Any state may contain sub states, pseudo states, transitions and state diagram. When you add a state or a pseudo state in a diagram out of any drawing state , the new one is added to the state containing the diagram.

    So in the example it is useless to draw the state machine ReadAmount to add sub states and pseudo states. An example of a state machine and a state diagram is given in the screenshots. In the dialog's User tab the value is now edited through a multiline editor On the diagrams the keyboard's arrows Up, Down, Left and right move the selected items. Fixed Documentation still referred components rather than artifacts , fixed 2.

    Add continuations , available in the sequence diagrams. The installation is made directly through a double click on a package and using the default installer. The package made for CentOS 6 also works under Slackware To install it get the rpm file then apply rpm2txz to the rpm , this produces a package Slackware with the extension txz , install it using installpkg. By default Ubuntu may hide the icons into the menus, this is the case if you don't see at least the icon for the entry open in the global menu Project , to change that please refer to bugs.

    Because the site uses SSL https apt-transport-https must be installed, if needed do sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https except if you use the mirror. The reference manual and the tutorials can be downloaded here. Download Current release: VirusTotal analysis. So you have two solutions: Install the QT libraries from my archive: See above to install QT libs. You don't have anymore to download then install Bouml by hand, it is now available from my repositories: You can also add the repository as a third-party software using the administration system tool synaptic After that to update the sources list do sudo apt-get update To configure my repository mirror, in a shell terminal do if you are already root in the next commands remove sudo: You need to configure the free repositories to get the new version in place of the non-free repositories if you configured these last Because the site uses SSL https apt-transport-https must be installed, if needed do sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https except if you use the mirror You don't have anymore to download then install Bouml by hand, it is now available from my repositories: You can also add the repository as a third-party software using the administration system tool update manager After that to update the sources list do sudo apt-get update To configure my repository mirror, in a shell terminal do if you are already root in the next commands remove sudo: ProjectControl 5.

    Project Synchro 5. The plug-out projects including 'empty' are available through the archive plugouts.

    bouml 4.23 mac os x Bouml 4.23 mac os x
    bouml 4.23 mac os x Bouml 4.23 mac os x
    bouml 4.23 mac os x Bouml 4.23 mac os x
    bouml 4.23 mac os x Bouml 4.23 mac os x
    bouml 4.23 mac os x Bouml 4.23 mac os x
    bouml 4.23 mac os x Bouml 4.23 mac os x
    bouml 4.23 mac os x Bouml 4.23 mac os x
    bouml 4.23 mac os x Bouml 4.23 mac os x
    Bouml 4.23 mac os x

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