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Create a Drop-Down List for a Cell or Range

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I have workbook with 2 worksheets. In this column i need a "drop box", what will show column Sheet2! B the descriptions , and when the user selects one description will enter the code from the col: It is possible to do without additional helper column in Sheet1? Excel So, need something what is dead simple in html: Update 2 If you're really bent on not using a separate code column you may be able to use a combo box technique as partially described here: Rich Rich 1, 13 Can't get it work, so added a screenshot into my question.

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Define a range to use as the lookup value Create the dropdown list Paste in some code Step 1: A4 see above image: Add some VBA code to Sheet1: Value If Target. VLookup selectedVal, Worksheets "Sheet2". Thank you, Unfortunately I can't try the solutuion because in the Excel Oh no!

Do you have the Developer's tab?

If not, you can click the little gear icon at the top and go to Ribbon Preferences and enable it there. Hope that helps! Kevin Chappell Kevin Chappell 11 3. Yes, the Developer tab is here, but do you tried enter any VB macro? It still isn't possible. That's cool. I have only The editor opens, but doesn't allows enter any macro.

Need do the upgrade. I see all kinds of dependent drop down lists where you select an item and then go to the next column and select another item. In my case I would like to create a dependent drop down list where you select a Hallway example: Hallway 1 in say cell A1, after selecting Hallway 1, I would then click on cell a1 drop down list again and have it show me a list of all the Room Numbers in Hallway 1 being the final result.

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Cell A1 should now show I am doing this for a High School for Substitute Teachers. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks Larry. It will require some VBA code, but I believe it can be done.

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Please let me know what version of Excel you are using. Thanks for the challenge, Larry.

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I am having trouble trying to figure out the formulation in the spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet you select the A-Names and when that comes up, you click on the drop down arrow again and then a list of Names beginning with A appears and you select the name. This is the name that will appear in the same drop down list after clicking on the drop down list twice.

For some reason which I do not know it does not like numbers??? I tried to stick a letter in front of the number and it works. But, the room s do not have letters in front of them.

How To Create a Drop-Down List in Excel

I even tried to make the letter white but when it allows you to select it the letter appears in front of the room which will not be acceptable. I would be most willing to send you this small spreadsheet example for you to look at if you wish. A user has restricted values that can be entered into this cell. Can anyone help? Not sure exactly, but is sounds like some data validation was invoked when you upgraded.

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    excel dropdown liste erstellen mac Excel dropdown liste erstellen mac
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