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However, some unique features that people are enjoying in Skype Classic are not present in the latest Skype. If you are a person who still prefers the old version of the software, download Skype classic 7. Did Microsoft update your Skype to the new version automatically? Want to downgrade to the previous version? See the options below. Skype 7. However, Microsoft had to take down the download links for Skype Classic 7. It was due to a security issue with the online installer that installs Skype Classic 7. Here is a screenshot that was taken from the Microsoft community discussing the security threat affecting Skype Classic customers.

The security issue got a fix with the release of the Skype Classic 7. However, as said before, Microsoft discontinued the software on As of , you can still download the Classic edition 7. Download Skype Classic for Windows 7. Click here. Thankfully, Microsoft has an all-in-one download link for Skype Classic installer. The link works equally on all OS platforms including macOS.

Just click and open the link above on appropriate OS to get Skype Classic in the preferred form. The Windows version of Skype Classic 7. We got emails from our readers that Microsoft is blocking Skype Classic logins from the first week of We have tested it personally and confirmed that new Skype Classic downloads from the official link given above do not allow a login.

It looks like they are finally enforcing Skype 8 on us. Yes, the classic Skype version 7. MSI editions check below for links are also working fine. The Skype Installer build 7. However, the problem is with the online installer which installs Skype. If you have any problem with audio on Skype 8. Alternatively, you may install Skype 7. So keep signed-in if you upgrade to 7. We are preparing a guide on installing Skype on Linux platforms. In the meantime you may visit www.

As of now, Microsoft did not announce any plans to issue an MSI installer for Skype version 8 and above. So if you are a system administrator planning to deploy Skype to computers in a network using MSI file, you would need to rely on Skype Classic at this time. Download Skype Classic 7. Please share it in comments if you have a link. Want to take the best version of Skype always with you? Get the Skype Classic portable. This edition of Skype can work from a USB.

Hence, it is suitable for school and college students when their system admin disables installation of software. We have updated the link to add Skype Classic 7. Once you download the zip file above, extract the contents to a folder and transfer it to a USB or pen drive.

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Double-click on Skype icon within the folder whenever you need to run the app. No installation is required for opening Skype Classic 7. I have had the latest version of Skype and absolutely hated it!!! I like others ask why Microsoft cannot leave Skype alone when clearly many people prefer the Classic versions? I would still like to have Skype but without the advertising and other interference that Microsoft has introduced. I could not agree more!!! I simply loathe V8 and will do all I can to sabotage it.

I rolled back to 7. Glad to see Microsoft has listened to all the complaints and put the termination on Sept 1 on hold while they claim to fix the new version.

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I have a Skype account under dineen. Thanks David. Hi Would like to keep the classic skype.

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What should I do. New version lacks list of previous contacts and other features like dial calls. Thanks for input.

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New Skype just sucks. Missed a lot of messages. Even Win 10 notification stays open for a few sonds and disappears. So when you come back to your PC you have to check the tiny Skype icon. No keyboard shortcuts. This is my 3rd attempt to install Skype Classic from different sources. Yours does work!!! I love you guys! I hate the how MS mess up the system to their advantage. Thank you for having this.

I was so happy to see this but it appears Microsoft is finally forcing us to upgrade to creepy eight! I downloaded it and installed from your site and it worked fine 1st time but after restarting my system it asked me to upgrade to Eight! Yes, version 7. Uninstall it and download Skype Classic 7. I have just uninstalled Skype and will try to install from your site. Skype may have lost another customer.

Been hit by this today. Tried uninstalling and re-installing with and without internet access the above downloads and no joy on my main PC — everything ends with the app slightly larger dialog than the Update Now one rather than the normal contacts one trying to connect and as soon as it does it gives the Update Now dialog. If anyone manages to solve this they would have a very greatful band of supporters!

For everyone who gets mandatory update message in version 7. Do you know of a fix? Thanks for this! Their update ran away their users and now its been shut down completely. I saved the installation to my desktop since yours worked. Ik ben heel blij met mn oude vertrouwde klassieke skype..

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  • As soon as you try to log in it prompts you to update or quit — no other option — no matter what version of the installer you have — 7. This no longer works as of January 14, All the linked versions display the forced update screen after you log in. Another forced update this morning. I uninstalled and reinstalled 7. Any additional workarounds to avoid the upgrade?

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    I uninstalled and reinstalled v7. Any help would be appreciated. I followed the instructions above and still encounter this message. Both 7. Any help? Caught update screen on my old 7. After that i tried all links you have posted here and none working. Any other ideas? Apparently there a flag somewhere blocking the loading of the program because the nag screen about updating stops the program.

    I cant bypass the forced update screen anymore I tried all the steps. Using v7. I really hate this forced new version its horrible. I confirm no way to log in to Skype 7. I tried several versions of Skype 7. I really hope for workaround because Skype 8 is a mobile version not made for desktop. I tried the 7. Microsoft is very protective and a bit slimy. Hey Does anyone know what to do to get round that forced update skype?

    Please share what can be done to use the classic version. Hello Correct. As of 14 January it looks like the update is forced upon us despite version 7. If anybody figured out how to keep Classic Skype working please share. I have been using skype to connect with my site, but since the new update was made we cant chat as we used its just so bad I hate it. I have been using 7. I hope someone will find a way around this because new version is ugly and have you seen how much Skype folder become? I can understand new updates when there are security issues but there are NONE!

    I hope someone will find a way around this but it seams Microsoft tracking down all this loopholes and forcefully close them! Using this modern shit is so frustrating.

    How to download & install skype classic old version / edition - 7.40 in Windows 10, 8.1,8,7 working

    The main function of Skype is video calls which allow for single and group video conferencing. You can also call land line and cell phone numbers worldwide at a lower cost per minute which is deducted from your Skype balance. As the successor to Windows Messenger, Skype also lets you chat with friends on Facebook. Calling another Skype user is simple and making calls to land lines isn't difficult either, but problems emerge when you want to use advanced features.

    Some features are hidden behind menus and some buttons don't explain the feature it activates, like screen sharing. It takes some time to learn all of the advanced functions in Skype. Skype has become one of the standards for calling through the internet and has features that everyone can find useful. The app can intelligently adapt to different desktops or devices and adjust for network speeds without having to manually change your settings.

    There are many variables to get good video and sound, and Skype is able to get the best possible quality available. The varied uses of Skype make it a very important program to use. Since it's cross-platform, you don't have to worry about compatibility with other users. Since Skype has replaced Messenger, it is the default messaging app for Windows , but it's still a great add-on for Mac users. This version of Skype is designed for OS X If you use a new version of OS X, then download this version of Skype.

    This is not an older version of Skype as it purports to be. This is the Microsoft app for only the latest OS. This site and all its pro ducts are likely data scavengers. Running Skype 7. The first month was alright, but it began to be off-line very often since last month. I cannot receive the message from colleagues occasionally.

    With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions. Almost ready.

    The Skype for Mac version is now available for download | Skype Blogs

    To start the journey with Opera. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. View full description. Softonic review Skype is one of the most popular apps for communicating with friends and family. Skype features Skype emerge from the creators of Kazaa. Using Skype It's not difficult to use Skype if you only use the basic features. Covers all the bases Skype has become one of the standards for calling through the internet and has features that everyone can find useful.

    free download skype old version for mac Free download skype old version for mac
    free download skype old version for mac Free download skype old version for mac
    free download skype old version for mac Free download skype old version for mac
    free download skype old version for mac Free download skype old version for mac
    free download skype old version for mac Free download skype old version for mac

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