Unread mail outlook mac 2011

Managing Unread Messages in Outlook 2011 for Mac

I am having an issue where I am seeing that I have x number of unread messages in Outlook, but I do not see them unless I specifically search for unread messages. I am accessing these messages through a pop connection with gmail.

Any ideas? Hopefully someone else will read your post and share a solution with us. I miss this feature too. I hope it is available in the upcoming version, whenever that comes out. I found the workaround! Click on the header, drag it a little and it will select all messages in the group. Awesome — this is what I was looking for too. I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, etc that end up sitting in my inbox unread, and would rather just delete them in one fell swoop.

Does MAC version of Outlook have an UNREAD folder? If it does how do I turn that feature on?

This is the tool I needed! Thank you David, you have been very helpful! I just bought a Mac and I am going crazy searching for the simplest thing. Take care. Thank you so much! Perfect…just what I was looking for…now if anyone knows how to make unread mail in Outlook for Mac look bolder or even better give me the ability to change the color of unread mail….. If you find out, please reply here. Well I have found a way to change the light blue unread envelope into any color you wish so that it really stand out which I have found really helpful. I have also used a smart folder that I have name unread and it only keeps unread mail…..

Hi — have you found a way to have the smart folders show the number of messages that match the query? Hello David…Steve here……what is the easiest way to save my outlook for mac mail in my dropbox folders….. Can you move the unread smart folder to the top folder in views? Its a chore to scroll down to the smart folders and click it. In , the Unread folder was right on top. Maybe someone else watching this thread can let us know if they have figured it out. By groups I assume you are referring to groups of conversation messages in the inbox. Mine are collapsed as a default.

I tried changing settings to alter this. You can change that setting under the view menu. Thank you so much I had a couple unread messages that were driving me insane as I could not locate them before now! This worked great but I have one problem — when I read something and then mark it as unread so that I can come back to it later, the unread folder does not always recognize it. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it does not. I also occasionally have problems with it picking up mail that is sorted into folders besides the inbox. Do you have suggestions? I have not seen this problem.

Do you view your messages from another device? I wonder if you might be marking these messages as read when viewing them on a phone or tablet. Hi there I am having the same issue as Lisa. My Smart folder shows 22 Unread and my Inbox has 24 — When I open a email and then go back and mark it as unread it is not recognized in the smart folder nor sort function for unread.

Do you have any suggestions. Yes I do use a iphone t check mail, but in this test i have not used it — only used mac book and still does not recognize. Please help. Is there a way to filter unread messages just from the inbox vs. When using the recommended method I got also all the unread messages from the deleted items and all other folders. As a work around I empty the deleted items and junk mail folders before checking the unread messages folder.

I use email in many of the ways you do. This was very helpful and useful. Thank you very much. I use it all the time now. Thanks TonyV. Tks, Howard.

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Finally moved to Outlook after sticking with Entourage for ages upgrading to Mountain Lion necessitated this. Hi, thank you for your video. Do you know if it is possible to make the bold unread messages more bold? I mean, is it possible to make the difference between read and unread messages more evident? I can barely distinguish read from unread messages… thank you in advance. Great video and information. I have a question on how to get the unopened envelope on unread messages in the inbox.

I use a pc and this is not a problem however my wife uses a mac and we cannot get the envelope in the inbox. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. That would send the mac processor through the roof. Thanks so much for providing this how to. I had a VP who needed that folder, and wow, did that work out easily.

Thank you very much. I just started working for Free People an Urban Outfitters brand and as a guy who has been a Windows user his entire life, moving to Outlook for Mac was a bit jarring for me. I had 1 unread message somewhere in the last 2 year and this method found it. Very clear instructions, too. But sometimes I think they deliberately handicap the Mac platform. Oh well. Just want to keep giving you the love for Google as this scratched my itch perfectly! Just made the switch to Mac and was missing Unread Mail right out of the gate. Brilliant — many thanks, just moved to a MAC after years in front a windows machine, and could not work this one out — many thanks,.

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  • Notify me of new comments via email. Create a website or blog at WordPress. Open Outlook, click the search box. Now click Advanced. Hope it helps! Share this: Twitter Facebook Google. Like this: Like Loading Filter messages or tasks. Categorize an item. The Search tab appears. Define the scope of the search by clicking a scope button on the Search tab, such as All Mail or All Items Use the buttons on the Search tab to define your search criteria.

    Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

    Click Save Search. The Smart Folder for your search appears highlighted in the navigation pane. Type a name for the Smart Folder. On the Search tab, click Save. The Smart Folder appears in the navigation pane. Expand your Office skills.

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