Mac mini core duo disassembly


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I'm a bit saddened that apple hid the ram under the optical drive this time, but the move to laptop-ram was a no-brainer. I don't understand the mac mini concept: The power supply is nearly as big as the computer - therfore, it's not really that small a computer, all things considered. Why not just put the computer and power supply in the one box, make the hard disk bigger, use cheap non laptop ram and dvd drive Possibly, they want to cripple their low-end computers so that people who want upgradabilty are forced to buy the so-called 'professional' computers?

Once you throw in a monitor, keyboard, mouse, sufficient RAM and a decent sized hard disk, the imac is better value I'm waiting for a cheap, upgradable mac that doesn't have the monitor built in Basically, you are the target market that Dell was thinking of when they wanted to bundle OS X86 on their systems I don't "get" the super expensive gaming PCs, but I understand their market.

They just aren't what I want. I do want the mini. There is a certain aspect of the mini that many people either don't "get" or desire, and that is both the size and noise. Plus, the mini is nearly silent. It's all a state of mind. Huge loud hot "gamer" PC vs tiny quiet cool Mac mini. The choice depends on goals and needs. I removed the playback kit really, just a USB IR interface with an awkward plug jammed some strands of cat 5 into it to connect to the pins if it works, ill take it apart and build it more safely and then tied them into a cut apart usb cable. It is my theory that when i can cross reference them, that the Apple IR remote will work!!

So, any pronto users out there, if you could make sure your apple remote is set for Computer instead of iPod and then captue the codes from it and send me the. CCF i will be able to test. OK, so its a few minutes later, and its not the apple remote.. However, i am MUCH more optomistic about this now. I just got my Intel Mini 1. In order to get the optical drive out there are TWO very small screws on the back of the circuit board that must be removed before the drive can be removed.

They are a bit difficult to remove and an even bigger pain to get back in due to the angle of the screwdriver in the enclosed space. ALSO there is another "antenna on the opposite side from the airport antenna that must be gently pried out of the way to get the optical drive out. This is NOT the case in my Mini. There are 4 small black screws at the four corners of the plastic frame. They attach the fram to the motherboard. Note the one by the speaker is larger than the other three. They all must be removed to lift the frame and expose the RAM slots.

Also NOTE that the plastic frame does not actually just hinge up. I would have provided photos but my attempts to get close in to show the details I mentioned look like crap. My camera is not suited to extreme close-ups. None of this takes away from the excellent HOWTO you have here as it was able to get me to a point where I could figure out the differences in my Mini.

Hats off to the original author! The larger screw is NOT the one by the speaker it is on the front of the unit on the other right side.

Apple Mac Mini (model A1170) Disassembly Guide

Also if you don't have a magnetized screwdriver like me a small dab of glue on the tip of your screwdriver works wonders. I used a gluestick that is usually used to glue paper. Hi, Thanks for this guide. While it is helpful- it takes some guesswork for me to follow it properly. I have an annotated version based on my own trials- can I post it here so tht it may be helpful to those who are not so experienced?

Not all Gamer PCs are hot, loud or ugly. I guess you don't go to LAN parties much. Notice I said games. Macs have their advantages. Games however is not one of them. That said, not all PCs suck. Just most prefab cookie cutter PCs suck. I have never seen a pre-fab that I liked except for an Apple product. Why not just put the computer and power supply in the one box make the hard disk bigger, use cheap non laptop ram and dvd drive Well, for one, the computer itself sits on your desk.

The power supply can be hidden away out of sight on the floor, so you don't have to look at it.

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It's designed as a teeny computer with a small footprint, to be cute. This is a cheap, elegant, easy solution for that. Nobody there is really concerned with upgradability, or expandability. That said, there are other markets too. I personally love the mini, and would buy one in an instant, but for the hideous Intel Extreme integrated graphics they're using now, sharing system RAM.

I'm going to wait for them to go back to a standalone graphics solution with dedicated RAM before I grab one. I don't think they sell any really "crippled" computers. The specs of the Mini are really rather impressive, and hardly "crippled. I don't think you're going to see the cheap, expandable, upgradable mac in the future. Macs are never really going to be cheap as long as Steve Jobs is around, he's overengineered everything, gone overboard on styling, and turned macs into a status symbol.

I personally really like the concept of the Mini, going to wait another few revisions before buying one, and then use it in my living room as the hub of my entertainment centre. The Mini is an appealing product at the right price, but the performance?

I played with several at the local Apple store, and they were total dogs. I could chew on my sandwich between Web page views. The staff blamed it on the in-store LAN, but even launching local applications was slow. A PC with these specs would be far faster. Friends who are Apple fanatics said the Mini is just for little old ladies Web browsing. So, Mac experts, what's going on? Was my experience misleading, or is the Mini really a dog? The mini uses a laptop HD.

disassembly intel mac mini core 2 duo

Even with a faster processor, faster bus, more RAM, etc. I received my Mac Mini Core Duo 2 weeks ago. I ordered the Mac out of frustration with my Win XP PC, because it got infected by trojan that non of the major virus scanner or spyware killer can detect yet.

Anyway, after trying to clean it in safe mode, one of my Sata disk disappear because of driver problem, and I couldn't get it mounted anymore. I could recover the files using disk recovery tools, but Windows just won't recognize my G disk, and keep asking me if I want to format it as G.

Intel Mac mini: Take Apart Guide (RAM & HD) | Applefritter

Anyway, I got to the point everytime I log in, I get blue screen of death. Enough of my frustration of PC, I don't think I need to go back to my PC anymore except to get the data out of my disks. I am so impressed with the packaging of the Mac mini. THe plastic wrap around the mini is so beautiful, like nothing I have ever seen for any type of electronic or computer devices.

The packaging for the engagement ring I bought for my fiance at Tiffany doesn't even come close to give me that feeling. I don't think it cost that much more to make the beautiful packaging, but it's the mentality that makes the different. It not necessary cheaper to hire a designer that produce low quality work, if you don't demand for higher quality. Anyway, the whole thing is just so beautiful. Then when I switched it on, I am again impressed. It's really emotional.

And I really can't forgive myself for not owning another Mac in all these years. I can't forgive myself how much time I have allowed myself to be wasted because of Windows crashes, virus, etc. The Mac Mini is not underpowered at all. It is running a very stable unix kernel, with lots of possibilities to fine tune. But without even toughing the technical side of it, remember nowadays on any PC, you have to run a virus scanner, maybe a spyware killer and firewall software. Everytime you start a program, the virus scanner kicks in.

Everytime you download a piece of mail, the virus scanner kicks in. No body do bench mark with virus scanner running. We don't usuallt get the full story from reports from magazine or web reviews. Agree with aliko. And I too wasted countless hours with Microsoft junk software. I installed the latest Virtual PC with xp included to have the software and with a few tweaks can run Photoshop CS2 on it at least as reliably as it ran on a mghz PC and much faster which is interesting since I used a 10, rpm Barracuda?

Further now I have a back up of the xp system with updates to date on a DVD drive so restoring won't take the usual two days updating xp and office etc all over again when xp crashes takes about 20 minutes. Recently installed Ubuntu linux virtual machine as well just to check it out. So far a bit slow but it worked on the second install try. Without knowing the technical differences re PPC chips etc sad to see them go as I wonder about the move to PC 'quality' hardware. Will probably add a higher speed USB drive or firewire to the mini before I get another machine or intel mac.

If anyone would like to explain the chip difference between PPC and Intel glad to read it. Anyway doubt I would have had the success installing three operating systems on any intel PC I've seen or used since xp would have crashed before I ever got that far.

It is too bad MAC doesn't use faster drives on their intro models though I use a cable modem and found no difference in web performance from previous PC set-ups which were also very fast. Here's how to find it: From the Apple menu , select About This Mac. The System Profiler window will open, listing your mini's configuration. Make sure the Hardware category is selected in the left-hand pane. The right-hand pane will display the Hardware category overview. Make a note of the Model Identifier entry. You can then quit the System Profiler.

Mac mini: teardown, adding second hard drive, 1TB upgrade kit

Model identifier: Mac mini 1,1; all models Memory slots: Use matched pairs of 1 GB per memory slot. Hard drive type: SATA I 2. Hard drive size supported: Up to 2 TB Installation video for memory and hard drive. Mac mini 2,1 Memory slots: Use matched pairs of 2 GB per memory slot. Mac mini 3,1 Memory slots: In we go with that trusty tool every I. Slide it between the joint where the metal top case joins the white plastic under case.

Keep Your Mac mini Alive and Kicking with DIY Upgrades

Work on one side, then the other and carefully work the case apart. Lift off the metal casing completely once the internal catches have been released. And here we are inside. Not much to see at this point as the optical drive covers pretty much everything and will need to be removed for further delving. Undo the six small screws arrowed and the optical drive can then be carefully lifted up from the front and pulled forward to remove. Take care when doing this as you don't want to put too much strain on the connecting board that the rear of the optical drive plugs into.

With the optical drive removed we can now get our first glimpse of the 2.

mac mini core duo disassembly Mac mini core duo disassembly
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