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Part 2. Best 10 Extension Plugins for Flash Video Download

It worked fine for me till two days ago.

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Now another window opens up with an address beginning http: I have had the same problem. I was able to download one video successfully using this method and now I just get the new window. Any luck finding a work-around? I found a solution… I was able to download one video using the double click method, then I kept getting the new window.

All I did was hold option, then double click on the file in the activity window and it downloaded again. What if its a large file?

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Any suggestions? How do you get iMovie to open the file you downloaded?

Even though the extension is. Look for the address of the file that has numbers Ex: Confirm the file extension change in the window that pops up and watch the downloaded movie in either VLC or QuickTime equipped with Perian. Thank you for posting your way around and helping out those that thought it was no longer possible. You will be prompted to save the file. In my case, I saved a Vimeo file and it defaulted to. This method by RL still works as of today with OSX version of Firefox — only difference is that it will start playing in the firefox window so just go to file..

Works fine. This method will work, but not for the HD version of video. I use moviesherlock — it gives me version and it can rip off mp3 from youtube! Well, knowing-how to do it with just a browser — this cool. I leave a window for the video buffer from youtube. I prefer to use keepvid. I think there is a new problem with this. The activity window is now displaying an flv file 2.

If you download any of those none will be readable. I tried different videos and all are displaying the same patterns of several fly files 2.

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I think there was a recent change in the play system on Youtube. Have anyone found a workaround on this issue? In the past it worked perfectly but now all the files I download cannot be played…. Thanks in advance for the response. I think the issue lies with Flash. Since then, the stream is no longer seamless, but a series of fractional files 1. Following the Safari download process I get to the point where I see the video playback file with the.

VLC probably does not support this sound or video format. Perhaps it used to.

2. Elmedia Player PRO

No downloading possible. Same here. I think the problem is actually not a problem. In OSX Lion this is fixed. I used to be able to download on Snow Leopard.

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Maybe youtube had a word with apple or some …. It downloads fine, but when I try to open it it has the. Is it just my computer? Lion was fine for downloading at first. Just a 1. Not a black screen, nothing. Like forced streaming. You can do this. The middle folder has an option slider to set how much access flash has to store on your computer. Set this to unlimited. Now you should see in the activity window the file uploading, a large downloading file.

How to Download Flash Video on a Mac

Now you see the video downloading at the download shortcut link in the upper righthand corner. Select that and look inside for a series of items starting with playback. Select one of them. On the right hand panel copy the full URL listed at the top.

1. VideoDuke for Mac

This is now a link to the complete file. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: May 15, at Cory says: May 15, at 6: Jmar says: March 28, at 1: Flybear says: September 17, at 2: Julian says: May 16, at Marc says: May 17, at 6: Greg says: March 19, at 4: Than says: April 16, at 6: Peter Speck says: May 17, at 4: Bruce says: May 19, at 1: May 31, at 2: Gibson says: June 2, at 6: John A.

August 22, at 1: Romano says: November 9, at 5: Alan says: December 13, at Ash says: December 30, at 4: Jen says: January 6, at 7: Ethan says: June 29, at 8: Christian says: November 16, at 2: Olivia says: November 28, at 3: XiaoWen says: August 23, at 9: August 26, at 9: August 27, at 7: October 8, at Martin says: October 17, at 8: November 4, at Boomslang says: November 4, at 1: TW says: November 8, at 2: November 23, at 5: January 27, at March 6, at AD says: October 4, at March 30, at April 3, at 5: JoshWED says: April 19, at 8: Kontzi says: When using Safari, you'll need to open a video hosting website and find the Flash video that you want to download.

Play the video to see the Download button appear in the top left corner of the video. Click the button to save the video. This method though will only work in Safari 7. For Firefox users: This add-on automatically detects downloadable videos, and then you'll just need to choose the desired output format to begin downloading. Flash Video Downloader is a simple yet quite powerful tool that can save videos from almost any streaming website, and supports the sites that require authentication or stream advertisements.

Make sure that the video you want to download is set to Autoplay - it needs to be streaming in order the download to be active. This tool offers the maximum batch download of five videos at a time. You can set Flash Video Downloader to shut down once all downloads are completed. However this tool doesn't offer any choice of formats you can save in. It only downloads in FLV format. Aimersoft YouTube Downloader for Mac combines a video converter, editor, player and downloader.

This downloader is one of the best tool offered on the market with its high performance of saving and converting of videos. Thanks to this versatility you can play your videos on any device you'd like. Flash Video format that is highly popular today despite the appearance of many other cutting-edge technologies is a container for electronic video content available on the web.

This format developed by Adobe Systems is usually used for online videos on different web resources like YouTube, Hulu, Vevo, Google Video as well as many other streaming sites. If you intend to download a flash video, you are going to save a video in most widely used formats F4V and FLV with the help of FLV downloader mac app. It determines time-based video and audio files. Unlike other Flash Video formats, F4V uses boxes for data storing, so such files are known as containers.

The FLV files use the H. The FLV format is commonly used for video streaming, but it is also good for local storage and presentation. To play them you can use Flash Player that works good for various browsers.

How to Download Flash Video on a Mac | It Still Works

Top choice. VideoDuke 4. Olga Weis 5 Nov at VideoDuke for Mac.

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