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I don't like the mesh type systems like that. Years and years ago slightly after the stone age I tried out all the programs then on the market and liked the Nautilus System the best.

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Uses interpolated points. You move points on the surface rather than the control grid. Vacanti was a control grid program and not only did it keep crashing 20 years ago but I found the interpolated system more intuitive. I've used both to build developed hulls with perfect results cutting to the line. Big stuff. ProSurf is, frankly, the best deal in the whole entire world.

Way underpriced for what you get, the robustness of the results is great. Both the old Nautilus system, and his ProSurf windows program, have, in my opinion, the best computer lines fairing system. It actually works. If you know what fair is from using battens, you can transfer that knowledge to the program with great results. On the other hand, some things just do not draw well on any typical surface program.

One way or another you are fudging, within building tolerances. Not so in NAPA. You can actually do anything in that program. But it takes a long time to learn. And you can't afford it anyway, so why torture yourself. Drawing with battens and ducks really is the only way to get a full appreciation of the art, though. I would compare it to learning to paint in a computer versus getting your hands wet.

Only moreso in some ways.

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One area that is especially troublesome with surface modelers is the stem area. You really need to draw on paper, and even carve models, to understand how that shape works, before you do it on the confuser. So, in our case for the RC design I tracked down a user on their forums with a full version to help me get the igs files for the CNC work. I do all my hulls in the old Autoyacht with B splines. I have used the program in its many versions for so many years now that I know it like the back of my hand. I have a huge library of finished hull shapes.

I am very fast with it and I can make it do my bidding. I find it works in a sequence that I can relate to from the days of hand drafting. When I get the hull finished I hand it over to my engineer who translates it into MacSurf. It's very important to me that I feel I have total control over the shape.

I've got a buddy in that biz, too! Never thought of that! I might just have to do something about that To put it in perspective.: ProSurf 3 is what? Three or four hundred monopoly-money dollars? And it makes and takes all sorts of weird files. I've even done stuff in Solidworks where only prosurf could do it properly, so did that feature in prosurf, exported the IGES to solidworks I must have tried that program way way back but I can't remember it! GHS so much better but that's another topic. But the key here is that once you found that you had it correlated to real drawing, that is what you work with.

Why change tools if the tools work as an extension of your own mind? Very interesting. For my purposes the free version was enough, since we were only doing an RC boat for fun. He did a super job on it for us. I'm pretty sure I had the same Risotto teacher that you mention. We were out frostbiting yesterday in fact.

As for the control points, I like your analog vs digital analogy. I think at the end of the day, shit in shit out is the important thing to remember. It's pretty obvious when someone has gotten their hands on some 3d cad software without having used splines on some paper or a loft floor. As to the OP's original question, I would have to agree with a lot of what has been said so far. At this point, there really aren't a lot of Mac based tools available for yacht design specifically, but you can do just fine with a Mac if you want to use one.

Mac boat design software

I gave up my PC as soon as Apple switched to intel chips. Prior to that I had been forced to be a PC user as after being a Mac user since ' For hull design I use my trusty ancient copy of Multisurf, which is Bspline based, and not NURBS, and then export basic geometry to Rhino for everything beyond hull design. I made risotto this weekend and I thought about him. Nice guy.

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I hope he is doing well. Say hi for me. I use an old maxsurf program for hulls, beams, foils, anything that requires complex shapes: Then export to modern CAD. My first ship drawing in school used ducks. Don't miss them. Don't miss muzzle loading cannon either. Triangle hats on the other hand Been using Rhino since before it was Rhino one of the original beta testers. It works well for us. As with any tool it takes time and practice to get proficient. That being said there are a lot of good programs out there. Find the one you think you will be comfortable with then take time to dig into it.

It seems to be a nice Integrated program with room to expand with different modules. And you can't beat the price. DelftShip is Free and downloadable on the web. When using the free version, one needs to use "workarounds" to get things frames, etc.

X3NavalD, boat design software

The developer, Marven, is available on Delftship forums and ready with assistance to "free" users and open to recommendations for ease in usage. The stability issue is not answered in the free software, but givenq hydrostatic per station ain't Rocket Science to figure out. I highly recommend this program, BUT haven't figured out how to use it on my iPad laptop backup.

Have become addicted recently to touchCAD, for mac. It is such fun to use. As some have mentioned, the control points on the surface of the part may not be perfect, it does make getting your head around the shape so simple, even I can understand it, and if very few control points are used for shaping, fairness seems is ok. It does area, volume and displacement stuff, as well as unfolding tools for panel construction.

Thanks Claes Lundstrom.

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If only it diddn't cost 2K, ah well. The free trial version is still good, but does not allow you to save or export. So, assuming a PC, what programme for:. Please speak slowly and clearly, as if communicating with a young child, or a Labrador perhaps. Relative to the OP set up a Windows dual boot.

3d Boat Design Software Mac

If you want to do anything serious you'll be SOL on a Mac. Stay informed by checking out our reviews and get access to the latest news and exclusive offers. This program does what it says it will do but is a bit quirky. It gives you a preview of a hard-chined boat hull. Click URL instructions: Please provide the ad click URL, if possible: I agree to receive these communications from SourceForge. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime. Help Create Join Login.

Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. X3NavalD, boat design software Status: Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. It's likely you're dislike of Windows, relates to familiarity, more so than functionality.

PAR , Oct 9, Hi PAR Thanks for your comment. I couldn't agree more on the advantages of running both platforms together. It was only 4 years ago when I moved over to Apple simply because I didn't need Windows any more apart from needing 3DS as a requirement for my course and as a personal choice found it overall better to work with. My reply to the comment was in answer to emulating Windows on my MacBook.

I have no need for it and to install it simply to check whether my hull design that may or may not ever get built is unnecessary. However, as I said before, I will more than likely have it in my workshop for rendering etc.

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Rosco99 , Oct 9, Aug Posts: Why does everything need to be with these particular programs? I have done all my some eighty realized projects on Mac, though all used programs are truly cross platform programs, with no clear favoring of platform and being fully functional running under the respective platform on all supported operating systems. All the examples are in the pictures are fully created with TouchCAD, including hull fairing, hydrostatics, detailing in very high detail see the enclosed examples by me and other TouchCAD users , nesting and production preparations, and presentation animations.

Attached Files: Models created with TouchCAD. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads. PolyCAD tutorial: Hydrostatics for Delftship, Freeship, Rhino files quequen , Feb 11, , in forum: DCockey Nov 28, MCDenny , Jun 15, , in forum:

boat design software mac free Boat design software mac free
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