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Strike Force AWicons Pro v9. William Shakespeare Learn How to Knot! Dangerous Waters AutoImager 3.

Sound Forge 8 Nero 7. Lockdown Cleanup XP v1. PHPMaker Version 3. Rogue States Alien Skin Exposure 1. Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

Messenger 7. Vendetta Black Widow Media Desktop 5. Team Password Depot 1. Icon Pack: Christmas Hirens BootCD 7. Postingan Lama Beranda. Postingan Atom. Link Free Software software free software downloads free software free antivirus software itunes software downloads free hacking software free wifi software downloads software serial numbers free cd burning software malicious software computer software free photo editing software microsoft malicious software removal tool antivirus software malicious software removal tool. Download Game.

Link Software Portables. Photoshop Camfrog Video Chat ver. Beyond the Basics Windows Mobile 6. Intergalactic Conspiracy WinAmp Pro ver. MySecretFolder 4. Web Antivirus 4. Series by Molly E. Holzschlag Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor v4. Internet Protocol Basics by Andrew G. Font Packs Reupload Flash Album Creator ver. Tanya Staples File Monster ver. B1 SpyEraser v1. DivX 2. Majid Kharatha new album Soft: Reg Organizer 4. NET with VB. Messenger 8. Home Edition 4. The Videogame True Crime: Streets of L. Video Clips Divan-e- Shoara-ye- Irani: E-Books Beethoven Symphonies: Mp3 Doctor ver.

The Two Thrones FlashGet v1. Mario Forever paradise hitman system tools Picasa free software from Google. Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 build Macromedia Flash Player v9. Strike Force AWicons Pro v9. William Shakespeare Learn How to Knot! Dangerous Waters AutoImager 3. Sound Forge 8 Nero 7. But because very few utils have more restrictive rules, systemd arbitrarily follows them too, but reacts in the most idiotic way possible if it considers a username invalid.

A bug? Usability issue? No way. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Since day one of systemd he rallies the world advocating how all the existing init systems are convoluted, full of hacks, hard to maintain while systemd is clean and elegant, and then he seriously defends these insanely stupid unintuitive behaviors? I just don't get it. Oh it's easy.


You were simply brought up to always assume benevolence and - in case of "anomalies" - merely incompetence. But this is neither. Poettering is not incompetent. He has successfully forced his balls shitty software down the throats of you new-wave linux kids, and that kind of uniform support is unheard of in those parts. Incompetence would be that one software which ran "rm -rf" on your root dir on uninstall. I don't even remember its name, that's how unimportant it was - except for the inevitable and hilarious transformation of its bugtracker ticket into an imageboard.

Incompetence may be insufferably prevalent, but no: Poettering is simply malevolent, and once you realize how much pure evil you've scratched down already as something else during your life, it irrevocably fucks you up. Patch in the "download" section. Patching 1. Oh and binutils FreeBSD 8. Back to v3 then. De neeeeem Persze 0. Netscape userek az FVH11W Everything else has always been dogshit, with no change in sight. Certainly not for Axis cameras. Windows Server: Thanks, Sun! If this isn't enough, they also kindly emit a MHz! PSU on:: Az Symbol not found: CPU name is unrecognized.

System Rating runs to the end but doesn't display any numbers. All rights reserved. Copyright c OpenBSD. Sat Jan 3 ID 0 primary , pass 3 tcasic0 at mainbus0 tc0 at tcasic0: Illegal instruction: Before the acid punctures through the enclosure or something. If enough people make a practice of standing up for victims like these, we might see less use of weaponized slander. Kek willed it. Error creating CGSWindow. Rohadjatok meg mind. Mert mi van ha. Although I already take extreme measures to avoid plague, I'd be very appreciative of this! Its code is not insane, and can be modified with ease.

The latest version can output the audio onto stdout as WAV, which can be piped into fldigi. Please try again later. The alien emits LOUD stomping noises when it moves think elephant stampeding. You can hear it coming a mile away.. In this game, you have a wonderful opportunity to walk and backtrack a lot in a beautiful scenery with immersive atmosphere. Whenever you want to open a door, collect or craft something, you will be prompted to have a fun QTE which lasts around 5 to 10 seconds each time.

You will have to repeat each kind of QTE around 50 times or more before you beat this game, enjoy! Instead of a dramatic user-controlled action scene, they went with a short quick-time event. If you just want a walk-thru game with a predetermined path that the developers hold your hand through then this game is for you. Yes as long as you walk and not run you'll never be attacked by the alien.

Doors that are needed to continue the story, that should be open, are locked tight. UseDNS no. Specifies whether sshd 8 should look up the remote host name and check that the resolved host name for the remote IP address maps back to the very same IP address.

I didn't bother. The last bits of Linux emulation have been removed from DragonFly. It's bit, so it's been unsupported since DragonFly went to bit only with the 4. As an additional tidbit, mount -a -tnfs mounts NFS filesystems - even when they are already mounted. Interestingly, the default initscript runs this command twice DragonflyBSD is yet another software which has never seen real world testing.

Yeah I have no idea how to do that. First I armed myself with a bunch of external modems, only to find that for some reason can't lift the 56k one off the hook, and the baud modem is malfunctioning just like it always does. Then came DOSbox, unusable as always. Since allows only for a total of 13 digits which means that dialing with an IP address is off the table I had to create a subnet for 7. But it still didn't work. The manual mentions being able to use a null-modem cable, let's do that!

That's why there is no separate null-modem option: But all I ever get is " what we have here is a failure to communicate. Try again? What gives? Yepp, OpenBSD dropped both rlogin and telnet. Fuck you. Systemdicks volt: A FreeBSD Basically whoever calls himself an UNIX-whatever operator in any serious way and all the while have never created his own hand-built and customized LFS complete with handmade package management, is not even a human in my eyes. I've done it at least about 4 times back in the good ole' days mid s , with each iteration being significantly better than the previous one, as I had more and more insight of what the fuck I was actually doing.

For kicks I once did it with uClibc well actually that was a work project. But I implore everyone to try and build an old LFS just about gcc 2. Unknown error: You've compiled the FreeBSD 8. Don't do that Most website admins unfortunately don't bother with this ever since they got fucked over by their constantly updating habits hello apt-get crowd and Heartbleed.

Notable exceptions are: Of course MobileSafari will have none of that. Turns out there are 3 filter caps in the power socket before the power switch, because fuck you. Just use a hosts file already, it's meant to suck! It's the same phenomenon as with the endless circlejerk going on at EVERY "tech" forum out there nowadays: That's why PGP is still unbroken and SSL is an unmitigated disaster with state agencies and a whole lot of other people freely and easily impersonating CAs anyway, while your heart bleeds.

IPv6 is not even hard - although using it over PPP is a misery, exarcebated by the impossibility of a working QoS in this situation which has eventually led me to junk IPv6 for good - but the real problem with IPv6 is that it's shit wait, you were expecting something else? Now try that with an IPv6 stack from the '90s. Or the s. Any IPv6 older than won't work on even today's IPv6 networks, and the protocol is - apparently - still not complete. Tried Exult, but that being complete fucking dogshit did not help matters at all. Such a massive disappointment for a die-hard Ultima 6 player like me.

Savage Empire is a pretty fucking good game though, athough mapping the jungle by hand was a bitch. Luckily, bitches can be fun. Yep, Unfortunately, Well, a small plist edit here-and-there, and Skype v2. Even better: Skype v6. Telltale signs of a dying software. Surely this is too good to be true?..

Everything I hate is dying. Google Code: Now let's kill ShitHub. Realms of the haunting DOS, Egy pszeudo 3D 2. GOG official ]. Cannot stat: No such file or directory. Poettering is the best henchman I've ever had. Note to the brain: Load Game: You haven't saved the game! Save Game: DOS-Error object already exists on writing "save". Tass times in Tonetown.

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Be advised: Yeah I don't know why. If you're as pissed of the clunky mouse controls and the whole system as I am, but you're still interested in the promising wow no strikethrough plot, then you're better off reading this Let's Play. Space Quest 6 fucking sucks. The first path in POOL. CFG marks the dir where the game can be found. It can't be too long. Use X: Here's the TAP dump: Az egyetlen lathato kijarat kifele van. Pille Tuzelemental Jack a kalozkapitany Kortefa van itt. Valaki azt mondja: Kiriath gofwh jenaver! Suru, feher kod kezd el gomolyogni.

Valaki mondja: Kiriath amenal vittaran! Suru, sotet felhok gyulekeznek az egen, majd kitor a vihar! Jegvihar tombol a kornyeken. Suru kod uli meg a tajat. A meregtol osszerandul Jack teste. A meregtol osszerandul Tuzelemental teste. A terved mostantol: Qpe reszere uzented: Qpe reszere valaszoltad: Coincidentally, this is the very same childish judenkunst that Freud got notorious for.

But alas, as usual with his ilk, there's just no arguing with such bluepilled people, for whom it's a sound idea to center their minds on genitals, jewesses, and complete disregard of racial-sociological realities. Fuck me. That was when I first thought whether I do need such wrongfully opinionated "historians" in my RSS bouquet. Nem lett. Minden benne van: Yid pls.

Quick cashgrab for Petra. On to the SwinSID! It runs very cool as in temperature , uses only 5V the original uses 12V and 5V too and sounds quite good! It's not perfect of course, but there's no "perfect" real SID in existence anyways - all models sound different. Here's a little SwinSID sample:. Myth sounds a bit strange due to some notes being shorter in both modes same thing can be heard in VICE with R5 mode , and Electric Jesus has loudness problems in mode listen from 5: So I'll just remove the jumper.

I've read some more interesting issues on the net, and I can confirm them: I've also read that mice won't work due to the missing ADC circuit, but I have no such hardware. In the meantime I still have GeoLink, which is joystick based! But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Before we start, you have to realize that licensing issues are actually not that hard, unless you want to think of them as such. Multiple times. Don't worry, no big deal. You'll understand how easy it is in the end, but I will have to make somewhat complicated efforts to condense the basic truths into a preferably short writeup.

First of all: In a nutshell: OpenSSL's I know, who cares about that vuln-ridden shit, but bear with me for a sec license contains these two clauses:. Most importantly: And the previously linked Mark McLoughlin is also wrong in deducing that this advertising clause is in conflict with the GPL's 'software must stay """free"""' wall of text.

More on this later I promise. But first let's see how he's entirely wrong in thinking that GPL's "shipped as part of the base OS" exception can either:. But this Mark fellow apparently also joins the "I have no idea what I'm doing" club by making the incredibly common mistake of being sloppy and talking solely about "linking" in the context of the GPL.

Come on look up the GPL. It has one instance where the word link appears, and that's not even of consequence. You must say "link and distribute" , because that's where the GPL taint is engineered to come into effect. Else you will come across as a blabbering idiot. Let me reiterate. For yourself. So no, Mark, there's not any "disagreement" on what the source code distribution exception "means". It's clear as fuck. Why, you ask? Well because this is very important a license only contains what it contains duh , "implications" are entirely ignored!

On the other hand, he hosts his ramblings on gnome. It also blows my poor mind when I read someone on the debian-legal mailing list advice someone to "your license must add an exception to the GPL which allows linking with OpenSSL".

Saint Seiya Infinite

First, here we are yet again, someone thinks any of these licenses hold ANY grudge on your lonely linking. And this same clueless person says that you can "add an exception to the GPL". You can, but also you can not call it GPL anymore! That's not up to debate.

And what's this shit? And the text goes on talking about "obligations" then "non-obligations" and finally "wishes". Good heavens. Depending on how blue-pilled you are, this may come as an unbelievable thing to you, but debian-legal are mostly out of their minds, and should not be ever listened to. They couldn't even comprehend the OpenSSL license, which clearly only says "advertising materials" and "redistributions".

The situation literally cannot be more clearer. Now that I've layed down the basics, let's get back to the stunnel author. He reiterates:. Please note the usual sloppiness of yet again talking about "linking". At this point I re-read what I wrote and see how confusing this can look. So go re-read once or twice you yourself.

I'll summarize now. The misunderstanding stems from taking section 4's unfortunate "you may not sublicense" clause. This is made clearer in GPL v3's section It goes on to explicitly list "fee, royalty, charge" "for exercise of rights " as to clear up any misunderstandings on what kind of "sublicensing" GPL does not allow. Whoops I made another crucial point. I'll repeat it, and you should too because physically everyone gets this wrong: GPL is for the freedom of the source, and freedom of source distribution.

If you're going for full libertarianism, for full freedom of the user's will, then you go for BSDL or public domain. Sure if you take section 4 out of the whole GPL and make it your guiding principle" then yes, GPL is incompatible with everything. But you cannot disregard parts of a license. It must be applied as a whole. This is the part where people say "IANAL", but screw that - well of course that's true, but I've raped the GPL many times myself , been ignorant about it, lied about it, didn't understand it. Then I did. Then in spearheaded with success one of the, or the?

Oh and back to my original point: Trojnara cannot decide to "not grant" non-existing exceptions to "stunnel licensing", firstly because there is no such thing, only the GPL - see section 4 and yes it applies here and only here. Because the stunnel author explicitly writes that he can "[dis]allow distributing" which the GPL clearly states as being not allowed. Secondly, because such exceptions are not needed as shown in the writeup above and even are entirely invalid with regards to OpenSSL or LibreSSL or anything.

Additionally, due to Mr. Trojnara's distribution-limiting efforts, his GPL licensing on stunnel is made "void, and will automatically terminate your rights under this License" quote from section 4. Therefore, stunnel is in public domain. Still works, but the interface has to be specified with leading spaces: You could argue that booting from an 1.

But there's the AdLib vs. SB issue too Canabalt is a good example for a game done right in this regard, and so is Retro City Rampage. The game itself is obviously nothing new having a CGA palette option is a nice touch. There's a boxed collector's edition available, complete with a 3. Very commendable, shows how it's supposed to be done, but - as for myself - I cannot justify paying this much go on, multiply its price with the total number of packages for simple-minded action games. I'm not really a "collector" in the hipster sense of the word. The game requires an FPU for what??

Of course they'll continue to do so, but at least I said my piece There is no trust. Now that we've established this Let's see this piece of shit called Go. First of all, let's contact the website through SSL for no reason - or because unfortunately that's what the web search gave us. If I could be offended, I would be. Who in their right minds has bash on their systems in ?!

Let's dig out the rotten carcass of my "bash" exe. No such file or directory zsh: Looks like someone "forgot" to test for the existence of a file. Unfathomable ; At this point you can safely assume that this untested pile of shit of a "program" will most certainly devour everything you've ever loved, and instead of letting this happen, the non-heretical method is cleaning up your..

Originally it runs only on Windows, but a good soul has ported it over to Linux admittedly not a hard task. Here's the package. Non-x86 little-endian users will need to change some ifdef 's. I've managed to contact Trevor Hall - who was not the least impressed by my failed efforts - and received the final piece of the puzzle: Then pick up!

This is a good walkthrough by the way, I wish I found it sooner. It's not perfect though: Its size is significantly smaller, lacking graphics and savegame support. The text interface is much faster though, so overall it provides a much less wonky "gameplay". What's even more interesting is that it has some differences compared to all the other versions. Alas, this version still has as total score with the very same pieces of loot available. According to this Trevor Hall interview , the game - upon looking at the highly valuable item "Secret of life" - should print: Yet, so far none of the three Commodore versions do this, as pictured below:.

Time to actually finish it, you say?.. Well the objective is to acquire every loot which means every object that increases the score either into the inventory, or into the warm depths of the starting cabin on the southern end of the valley.

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  • According to the Internet Knowledge TM the total score would be and here is my issue. All I see is worth of valuables:. Silver dagger 10 Diamond ring 12 Silver key 12 Gold key 15 Bag of silver 3x 25 75 Bag of gold 2x 50 Ball of gold 65 Diamond 80 Jewelled gold crown 90 Gold staff 90 Treasure chest Secret of life I gave a bag of gold to the forest king that's the lowest value they accept , but subsequently stole it back from the secret treasury west of the bone room.

    Although I can only imagine the despair of the poor desert king when his crown suddenly disappears from his head. Or maybe the score applies solely to the Spectrum version? But that's rumored to be smaller than later editions. Maybe it's time to find out Ez egy cool game. Well, time to downgrade that bullshit plugin It's so simple, what could go wrong? As usual: Maybe it's due to this:. Well let's do just that on FreeBSD. Okay done. Port is good, but the tftpd still honors my effort with a single response packet and that's that.

    Sigh, let's try atftpd. Woohoo it's shit. You guessed. Well fuck, let's go OS X Here comes OpenBSD And then I realize that NetBSD 6 freezes the fuck up whenever the screen fills or gets cleared, for that matter , so let's go the usual road of backtracking All the way to NetBSD 3. And now I can rsh in Fielding on Re: Unable to create tmpdir. Unable to find development files for zlib. At least this is fldigi's approximate take on it. Parts of this message are repeated two more times later in the movie.

    Azt figyeltem meg, hogy minden python program azzal a copyright? Traceback most recent call last. A compact little device. Its motherboard is split into two parts, which are joined by a simple connector. Conner drives generally did not survive the '90s, and this on is no exception: Just like every portable Compaq product I've ever encountered, its disassembly is a moderate pain in the ass: I've pretty much stopped collecting Compaq portables. It's just too stressful. In any case the LTE works, although something is causing periodic video RAM corruption which comes and goes all too often to make me switch the equipment off.

    Probably some electronic issue, as the CGA display itself goes ballistic, and its capacitors are giving off "a different kind of" noise. I'm not really qualified to investigate further. Now this is a funny one. The only remark about it is in nowhere else but a good old HIX group , so it's quite a bit rare.

    As for its properties: One of them looked pretty broken, it could squeeze out a proper "DIR" once, then silence. The other looked alright at first a disk surface test finished with no errors , but on subsequent attempts it wouldn't budge. In any case, I had no success trying to boot DOS with either these drives after some seeking attempts it only yields the usual "Non-system disk Should you happen upon one of these, feed them 6.

    Also, remove the 3. Now for the pic dump:. Here it is jtuner. Mi, hogy nem? Nem baj. Well, it works IR.

    Link Free Software

    Couldn't get the "server" mode to work though. Lucky me, I still have my old trusty Ericsson T Unfortunately Vodafone kept returning "admin prohibited" ICMP packets for my connection attempts - even to their own router and DNS confirmed from a desktop connection. I have no idea why. The biggest quirk was the well-known issue of the LX infra port picking up electromagnetic interference faster than a jew runs for his holocaust-money.

    Therefore it's quite an effort to establish the safe but still working Ir-wise distance between the two devices They are completely new, never used, no memory installed, in their original packages, with manual. Let's see what happened, shall we? It's pretty good, though not as much as a Model M is of course. Its fault is that the keypresses are registered a tiny bit before the key clicks. Not a real bother at all, but still noticable. I'm not a big fan of ruining the very few still working, old MFM hard drives some take several tries to spin up , so let's stick to the floppy!

    I could configure one jumpers! Interestingly, this very same controller could - at first! In the end: MS-DOS takes a fuckload of time to calculate free space on slow and big media 15 seconds for me , maybe 4. Downside of the ZIP: How slow?

    mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar Mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar
    mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar Mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar
    mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar Mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar
    mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar Mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar
    mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar Mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar
    mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar Mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar
    mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar Mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar
    mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar Mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar
    Mac os x 10.4 tiger install full 4cd.part1.rar

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