Baked mac and cheese with campbells cheddar cheese soup

This Tastes Just Like Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese

I think a three cheese blend would be perfect! This looks delicious!! I think you could definitely bake this but I was too impatient! Mac and cheese disappears in a blink around here! You might have lost me on the canned coup but this looks like a very comforting bowl of goodness indeed. We all need a secret ingredient. I have tried it using a couple different versions of a homemade canned soup and it just never tastes the same!

I absolutely LOVE how saucy your mac and cheese is in the pictures. Getting all of that extra sauciness in there makes such a difference. The sauciness is the best part!! I wish I was eating this for breakfast, too. Thank you so much for the pin! This looks delicious! I have always made my mac and cheese from scratch, but I always on the hunt to find a new mac and cheese recipe. Going to give this one a try next. I am going to try this recipe asap!!! Pinning this one! I gave up making it from scratch cause it was always either dry or soupy or bland.

Going to pin your recipe for later. Thanks Girly! That Looks so yummy!! And I love that you are not a total health nut, since I am not either. Thanks for the recipe! I figure that this version is still better for you than something out of a box. Canned soup aside! Oh this looks so yummy! You make it look so easy.

I had never made it until I decided to try this recipe for the first time. Mmmm this sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe! Hello beautiful! Happy dance time! Happy Easter! Lou Lou Girls. This looks soo delicious, Meaghan! We usually have macaroni every Wed. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!! This looks so yummy! Your cheese sauce looks like it would stay creamy for days!

Going to pin this right now. If I may ask, is there a preferred brand of cheddar soup you use? Jennie p. Planning on going to check out your Pinterest page right now! Macaroni and cheese is my favourite food ever. My mummy has taught me how to make it from scratch with a roux. Mac and cheese is my favorite, too! My mummy taught me to fry the butter and plain flour together for a couple of minutes and then add the milk whisking all the time my mummy bought me a mini whisk which is excellent , i keep on stirring until it thickens.

Once I have it has thickened into a white sauce, I take it off the heat and then stir in the cheese. I use scottish cheddar which is yummy. Then i add salt and pepper to taste and sonetimes some english mustard. I make a big pan of sauce as i like my mac and cheese covered. Think the secret is in the whisking and adding the cheese at the right time. I might have to be brave and try that the next time I make this recipe. Everything else just the same and comes out perfect every time. Never any leftovers in our house.

Made this today for a work potluck. I used pre shredded cheese and I thought it was fine both taste- and texture-wise. I used smoked paprika which is one of my favorite spices. Only one tiny spoonful left aft the end of the day! Great recipe! Hi Rosie — I made this recipe yesterday, fresh grated cheese, and only added garlic powder, paprika and pepper, definitely no salt needed.

This dish was the hit of our potluck!! Glad to add this one to my favs!! Have you ever added eggs to your dish? I have southern baked macaroni and cheese recipe , and I use eggs in it. This recipe, does not require eggs: Made this for a work pitch in. I was a bit nervous to take it in and feed it to co-workers without ever having tried it before.

Lots of compliments and no leftovers made it home. Which meant I just had to make another batch to enjoy all to myself! This the ooiest, gooiest, and yummiest Mac and Cheese ever!! So delicious, and completely fail proof if followed correctly.

Creamy Mac and Cheese

This is my go to site when wanting a great recipe! Made this for Sunday dinner and it was absolutelyyyyyy delicious!!! Super easy. Sop excited for leftovers! So delicious! I made this to accompany our New Years dinner and I am making it again. This is so good and cheesy and creamy! Everyone kept raving about how good it was! I made a double recipe, and 3 hours was the perfect amount of time. One helpful hint: Keep extra half-and-half on hand if that happens.

For the record, I used bagged shredded cheese, mixed all ingredients together, and just poured it all into the crockpot at once. This recipe is a keeper!!! Could I use smoked gouda instead of the cheddar or colby? If so, which one? Same amount? Hi Erin! I highly suggest leaving the cheddar, but you can replace the colby with smoked gouda. The same amount. I doubled the recipe and none was left. The texture after 3 hours was absolutely perfect and the taste…. You are very gifted.

Love you, Girl! Making it for dinner tonight but I am using Gluten Free noodles. Looks good! Great tutorial video! I know it can be doubled, but has there been a definite answer on how much longer it would cook? I am madly in love with this recipe! Smells amazing when it cooks. I love, love, love it!!

Creamy Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Thank you, Rosie! I actually heard about it on a NJ radio station. They were raving about it on the morning show and provided a link to your recipe on their website. How cool is that?! I omitted the paprika and I used Gouda instead of Colby. Not wet or soupy at all!! Thanks for the Great Recipe!! I killed it today…. I should have doubled it! Hi Linda! Stay tuned! This looks perfect! I was looking for an easy Mac n cheese for a luncheon at work and ran across this one. I doubled it and they only thing I did different was to put bacon cruchies from pre-cooked bacon on top after cooking.

My crock pot was scraped clean in 30 minutes! Was very creamy and cheesy. I was looking for slow cooker recipes and came across this gem. This was excellent, easy and very comforting! Who needs an oven?? Everyone loved it!!! I making this on Friday to be served Sunday afternoon.. Should i freeze it and then reheat in the oven covered Or leave it in the refrig and then put in oven Sunday? What temp in the oven and for how long? I have a question about the soup.

Your recipe calls for a 15 ounce can of soup but the Campbells only comes in 10 ounces. Am I suppose to use 1. I am just making it with one can as that is what I bought. Being from the South, I love providing our congregation with good Southern cooking. They love it! Hi Rosie, I made this for work potluck and it turned out great. I did adjust and used heavy cream instead of half and half, but I used too much butter so will need to adjust that next time. Well wish me luck I am attempting to make it again only this time I am mapmaking in roaster to feed at least 50 people!!

This sounds amazing, I need to doube it for a Pot Luck dinner for a crowd. Has anyone ever tried adding smoked sausage to the recipe? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Hi rosie I made this for work and it was amazing and a huge hit with everyone. I want to double the recipe but how long should I cook it or should I turn it to high? Please offer your suggestions. So I measure 3 cups in a measuring cup? It just looked like more then 3 cups in the video. I meant to ask you do you stir it at all during the cooking?

I look at several and yours looked the best and easiest. This was great. However I only needed to cook it for 2 hours because my crock pot cooked it a little faster. It was sticky and really thick so I had to add more half and half but it was stiff great! This was absolutely delicious!!!!! My household loved it. Will be making this again and again. Thanks for sharing!!! I added season salt and Sharp Cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese. Soooooo good!!!! I made this for a work potluck. It was a hit!

I doubled the recipe and it turned out great. You can use either, as far as butter. You can substitute the colby cheese with more cheddar, or try adding your favorite cheese. I want to put this in the oven. What temperature and how long to cook it? I know I have to cook the macaroni before I put it in the oven. Hi, I am going to make this for Thanksgiving for a large crowd so I was going to double the recipe. If I double the recipe should I add more cooking time? Dear Rosie: Your yam recipe sounded so good that I explored your website and found this.

I will be making both the yams and the mac and cheese for Thanksgiving! Thanks dear heart! You are the best. Could you just note that. Definitely want to help!! Hi Rosie, just realized my hubby picked up the wrong cheeses. He got the ones that are shredded in the bag and not the block ones. Will this not work? It will still be ok though.

Hmmmm then I will probably now wait to make it for Christmas because I want to make sure I get the block cheeses to do it right. I made this for Thanksgiving, and it was a hit! Thanks for providing a simple yet delicious mac and cheese recipe. I just tried the recipe, however it stuck to the cooker and was dry after only two hours. Taste good was to try again please help. What did I do wrong? Also, if you have a problem with foods sticking to your slow cooker, try using slow cooker liners or nonstick spray prior to adding the ingredients.

Family loved it! I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out perfect. I will definitely be making it again. Thanks to your crockpot recipe, which I did on the oven, I am now the master of mac n cheese in my family. I gave it a trial run for Thanksgiving My family absolutely loves it! You are now my go to person for quick, easy, simple and realistic recipes.

You make it so easy. You offer tons of suggestions for substitutions. I love I heart recipes! You rock-Rosie! I just tried this and it was delicious! I decided to make some modifications the second time I made it. It was the perfect amount for 20 guests as a main dish. For the elbow noodles instead of 3 cups I bumped it up to 32oz I think that is about 6 cups To make it a hair healthier, I used margarine instead of butter and fat-free half-and-half. I LOVE your recipes! I could eat those everyday! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. Look forward to seeing you on Food Network with your own show soon!

I have about people to feed for a event coming up. Can I make this the day before and then transfer it to glass dish and reheat the day of? I hope this makes sense lol. Hello there i wanted to know when making this in the oven do you cook the pasta first them mix every thing in and how long is the cook time in the oven. A hit with kids AND adults! I kept it on WARM at the party.

This would also be great baked in the oven! This was so delish! Thank you for sharing! Thank you in advance for your reply! Hi William!

You can definitely half the recipe. Weird question, does anyone have an approximate calorie count for a single portion of this? Making it for a group and a couple health conscious friends want to know. Great, easy recipe. Perfect for a side dish for BBQ! Also great to take to pot luck dinners. I have made it twice and it is always well liked. I completely forgot to get the cheese soup!!! Could I use Velveeta cheese as a substitute? Love this recipe, my new go to for mac n cheese! I have to admit I was skeptical that this would produce anything edible but it is going to be my new go to mac and cheese.

Easy to make and crazy good. Thank you so much. It was soooooooo good. You will definitely be happy. Everyone at work absolutely liked it. So many compliments and no leftovers left to take home. I doubled the recipe…and it fit perfect. I did leave on for 30 extra minutes…just to soften the noodles a little more…but it is good either way.

Thank you so much for this rescipe. A true winner. So far I have already used this recipe 4 times, and every time it comes out creamy, cheesy, and tasty! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe Rosie. I just absolutely love it! Sometimes if im in a time crunch ill crock things on hi for about half the time it takes on low.

Can i do that with this recipe? When I came across your recipe for crock pot Mac and cheese, I knew I had to try this! I cooked this for my work potluck, and it was gone so fast! I love love love this Mac and cheese! I made your dish at work. The prep time was so less than 10 min.

We are so excited to try this recipe! We are making it tomorrow for a preschool Thanksgiving Party and again for our family Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. We scoured the internet and this recipe looks so good. Hey Rosie, I want to half the recipe. Hey Rosie, I want to half this recipe.

Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese | I Heart Recipes

Hey there, does this need to be stirred periodically, or simply just let it cook for 3 hours with no interruptions? So looking forward to making this! Just a quick question… my crockpot has 2 different low settings — one for 8 hours and one for 10 hours. I assume the 8 hour setting is higher power than the 10 hour setting. Which do you recommend for the 3 hour cooking time? Hi Rosie!! I made two crockpots worth yesterday for thanksgiving and there were no leftovers! Matte this at tonight for a get tigers at my sisters.

Such a big hit. I had to add a title more cream. But still so good. Does the recipe require you to stir the pasta as it is cooking? I would hate for the pasta to stick? Your recipes are so easy to follow and I intend on making more of them! I just made this and I have a newer crockpot that seems to get way too hot and cook too fast on low. I checked it at 2 hours and it was already scorched and curdling. Newer is not always better. I made this for a church dinner and had several people ask for the recipe…and it was totally gone by the end of the night!

Really good! I doubled the recipe and brought it to a party. It was the only food at the party that ran out! People loved it! I am making it again for the same crowd for an upcoming birthday party, people asked me to make it and asked for the recipe. I am also making it again for a work party. For those asking about doubling the recipe, I did not have to increase the cook time.

I have a standard 6 quart Low, High, Warm. I also added more cheese simply because I had shredded extra and it was delicious. This recipe got me hooked on no longer buying pre-shredded cheese. Buying block cheese and shredding it yourself tastes so much better than pre-shredded cheese and it does make a better mac and cheese. So easy, followed the recipe other than leaving out paprika due to allergies. Definitely check after 2 hours, mine was starting to burn a bit at 2.

I made this and did my little twist to it. This was the cheesiest my Mac and cheese has ever been. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Subscribe to comment. Prep Time. Cook Time. Total Time. I Heart Recipes. Put the lid on top of the slow cooker, then set the slow cooker on low. Search for more recipes! Comments I made the Mac and cheese and it was so good the soup made the difference,thank you keep up the good work. Your recipes are awesome!!!

Keep them coming!!! Yes, but make sure that you cook the pasta first. Hi Cynthia. No, you would still use the same amount listed. You can use the 6qt slow cooker, but you still should only cook the mac and cheese for 3 hours. Can i use milk instead of half and half? Hi Christina. Have you ever tried but eggs in it at the end? Sorry, Wendy. If you double it does the cook time change or stay the same. I mentioned Cook on low for 3 hours in step 6 and 7.

Hi Rosie, Is there anyway I can contact you personally? The pasta in the video is not cooked prior to adding it into the slow cooker. Hi, if doubling the recipe, does it take double time to cook? You may want to add a little more time though. How do you keep it from sticking to the pot? You can certainly add Gouda to the recipe! It would be amazing. Thank you for trying my recipe! Quick question, do you cook the pasta first or put in crock pot uncooked. Hi Annie! That sounds good!!


Glad that you like the recipe! Did you put the broccoli in right away with everything else? Let me know how it comes out for ya hun! If you double the recipe how would it affect the cooking time? Hi Nisha! When doubling the recipe in the crockpot, do we add more cook time?

Hi can I add mozzarella? Is 3 cups of dry pasta equal to a pound? I just watched this video- so nevermind my previous question! Cant wait to make this!!! Hi Rosie, Can I freeze this recipe? If so, will it be creamy when I heat it up again? Yes you can freeze it. Hi Karen! Can I use a 7qt crock pot also will double the recipe. Can this be mixed ahead of time and not become mushy when cooked. Hi Cynthia!

Glad that you liked my recipe! The recipe and exact amounts that I used are listed. Hi Rosie, Recipe sounds great however beside velveeta as a replacement what other substitutes can be used? Yes, you can double the recipe. Try adding maybe 30 minutes or so to the cooking time. Hi Rosie if I double the recipe do you think it would fit in an 8qt crockpot? Did you double the recipe? How long did it take? I never tried it. It would probably depend on how much you add. You can use shells. No time adjustments. I only have a 3 qt crock pot. Hi Tom!! Yes, doubling all the ingredients. Wives know best!

Glad that you enjoyed the recipe! Hi Courtnee!

Thanks so much for trying my recipe! Can I reheat in Crock-Pot or will it get soggy? I never tried to reheat in the Crock-Pot. I usually reheat in the oven or microwave. No, you should be fine! I hope you all have a great party! I made this recipe for a church function.. Hi Sheila! Hi Kendra. I need the measurements of the cans. My store only had Colby Jack, will that work okay? Hi Tina. Yes, it can be double. You may want to add a lil more time on it. I appreciate the quick reply! If baked, at what temperature and how long?

If baked, how long and at what temperature in oven? For best results, I suggest sticking to the recipe. You would not cook it for 3 hours in the oven, especially if the pasta is cooked. So glad that you you found my site, and tried my recipe! I would just mix everything the day of. Happy Holiday to you and yours.

Hi Taylor! Thanks for trying my recipe! I think that it should be big enough. If you follow the directions the pasta should not be mushy. I prefer cheddar. If you like colby jack, you an use it. It may not taste as good though. Hi Donna! Hi Gina! Try buying two cans. Adding to the recipe would have to be your call. I will double recipe.. This is in my crockpot now! Hi LeAnn! Be sure to watch the video tutorial. Hi Christie! Sure, that will be fine! What is the smallest size crockpot I should use with this recipe?

What is the smallest size crockpot I could use with this recipe? If I double the batch how big should my crock pot be? Will this recipe fit in a 4 quart crock pot? Follow the written recipe, not what it looks like in the video. I actually never tried it with potatoes. Glad that you liked the recipe! Hi Joel! You made it at your DESK?!

Trying this tonight for my New Years party! Looks awesome. Happy New Year!! You need to cook it for 3 hours. Set it for four hours, but only cook it for 3. Goad that you were able to work it out! Many thanks, Jason. Hi Jason. Yes, you will have to double everything. Could I add bacon? If you choose. Yes, it would have to be cooked. Thank you for this. Made this for a work potluck, and everyone loved it!

The can of soup is need for this recipe. Heyyy Caryn!!! Your comment made me smile! Thank you so much for trying my recipe! Have you ever made this in a Dutch oven on the stove? Will a double batch fit in a 6 quart slow cooker? You are so welcome Bridget! If doubling the recipe, should I increase cooking time, or leave as-is? Does using packaged shredded cheese make it gritty? They have added ingredients. So glad that you liked the recipe Shelley!

Yes, it can be cut in half. Not much time will be reduced. Hi Rosie, I have a question about the soup. This looks delicious! I was wondering if my 6qt slow cooker will hold a doubled recipe? I want to add a crisp to it.

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baked mac and cheese with campbells cheddar cheese soup Baked mac and cheese with campbells cheddar cheese soup
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baked mac and cheese with campbells cheddar cheese soup Baked mac and cheese with campbells cheddar cheese soup
baked mac and cheese with campbells cheddar cheese soup Baked mac and cheese with campbells cheddar cheese soup

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