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So, if your application responds slowly, or takes over too many system resources, use the Profile for 5 seconds feature in the Help menu. It is a rather complex issue we need to resolve here, but we are working on that. PGP encryption should be fully functional. Spell-check on Mac version works differently from Windows. It uses the operating system settings as well as dictionaries that are downloaded in the system. This feature has been added recently to Mac version so you may encounter some problems here.

As with the other issues, just let us know about them so we can solve them. We look forward to your feedback, comments, ideas and bug reports. Send them to testing emclient.

Email Client for macOS Server | eM Client

Thanks in advance for your support. More information Accept. Back to Blog. List of known issues in beta Imperfections in the user interface We are aware of some imperfections in the user interface across the application. Slow run For potential performance issues, we've added a simple profiling feature in the beta, which will allow us to identify and then debug these situations if encountered. Spell-check Spell-check on Mac version works differently from Windows.

Fruux calendar does not work Unfortunately, a Fruux calendar account cannot be set up in this version yet. More information. Check the video for instructions. You no longer have to exit eM Client in order for the backup to proceed. We download from Gravatar, domain icons and more. Editing tables just became a whole lot easier - you can resize any cell, row or column that you want.

eM Client for Mac

Pasting images into emails is now simpler than ever. Not only will they be automatically resized to fit, you will also be able to manually change the size, as well as rotate and flip them. Automatic 'Out of Office' replies for Gmail are now at your disposal. Let everyone know that you will not be able to respond to their emails by configuring the automatic response right inside eM Client.

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I had been using Free eM Client 2 accounts for a while now. Truly, it has exceeded my expectations. I have a "relatively slow" Internet connection, and Outlook would fall over repeatedly, timing out, regardless of how I configured it. Thunderbird kind of worked but was a royal PITA to work with or at least to configure it to the way I wanted it to work.

I finally decided to consolidate another external gmail account into eM Client, and paid for the pro version - awesome.

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Most folks usually write something when they want to complain - I do as well LOL - but I also like to say Thank You when you get a real good and well supported piece of software. I'm an "old school" email client addicted, once, to the Qualcomm Eudora client, and after it was discontinued, an orphan, never satisfied by the alternatives offered by the market.

Reading some reviews of eM Client, I was intrigued. It is the perfect compromise between flexibility and ease of use.

eM Client for Mac Beta 2

The ability to export profiles and avoid configuring each new client again is an essential bonus. You're doing a great job! Excellent import features! Love it and so does my partner. He'll be using it the most and he said that he really likes the layout. Easy-to-find options for the everyday tasks. It deserves the title "best client for windows ".

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  • I am a thankful user of eM Client, which I use several years already and I am satisfied with it. Recently I decided to make a change and made a deep test of another email clients, I tested almost evey software availbale, including MS outlook, Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat and many others, but the eM Client won again.

    Just a note to say thanks for building a damn good email client to replace Outlook. I've tried a few other email clients that bring together my four different accounts but none were as good as eM.

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